Coronary Artery Disease

Experiences of Participants (Dilwalas)

M.P.Agnihotri, 62 yrs, Chandigarh
Dr. Manmath Nath, 70 yrs, Silchar
Dr. Raman Gupta, 52 yrs, Chandigarh
Pradeep Shetty, 54 yrs, Mumbai
Gyan Singh, 45 yrs, Karnal
Mohinder Girdhar, 41 yrs, Jind
Satyanarayan S, 55 yrs, Hyderabad
Amir Haveliwala, 65yrs, Mumbai
Madhukar Bhai Charde, 53 yrs, Pune
Om Prakash Dixit, 59 yrs, Sikar
Om Prakash Sharma, 63 yrs, Amlai
Lt.Col.K.D.Jethani, 64 yrs, Navi Mumbai
Nipun J. Khandwala , 69 yrs, Valsad
M. R. Baruva, 70 yrs, Guwahati
Satish kawoor, 53 yrs, Pune
Prafulla Harishkumar Jani, Akola
Ram Partap Agarwal ,65 yrs, Bahadur Garh
Mrs Mahendri Singh, Muzaffarnagar
Chander Paul, Chandigarh
Ghanshyam C. Choksi, 63 yrs, Ahmedabad
Ravinder Singh, Manali
C.N. Chavda, Gandhinagar
Dr. Sohan Lal Sharma, 59 yrs, Delhi
Dr. Durga Prasad Mishra,56 yrs, Orissa
L. Vamadevan Panicker, Pune
B.K. Leela, Mehsana
Manjula Dalwadi, 58 yrs, Mumbai
Mazhar Mehsari, Mumbai
Rajen A. Chauhan ,46 yrs. Bhuj
Uday Ram,65 yrs. Meerat
Shivaji K. Nikalje,45 yrs, Pune
K.S. Dorekar, 74 yrs, Maharashtra
Dr V. C. Doshi, Ahmedabad
Shenaz A. Babi,57 yrs, Gujarat
Kishori Lal,42 yrs, Rewari
Pravin Yogi, 41 yrs, Patan, Guj
Deen Dayal Samdhani, 65 yrs, Jaipur
Rajni Mulchandani, Ahmedabad
K. H. Patel, Ambassador, 68 yrs, Ahmedabad
Vinod Kumar Sharma, Haryana
R.R. Surana, 68 yrs, Nasik
Mohan Prajapati, 58 yrs, Kalol
Anima R Kundu, 55 yrs
A. V. Meghraj, Kalwa
Dr. Arun B. Vyasa, 66 yrs, Gandhinagar



A New Life through 3D Healthcare

Occupation: Ex Bank General Manager
74, Sector-15-A, Chandigarh

MPIn July 2001 when I was 51 yrs, while working as a General Manager in a Bank I felt uneasiness and came home and while sitting with a friend at home & after having a glass of water I felt shooting pain in my heart which radiated to my left arm with lot of sweating. My spouse who is from a medical background took me to the doctor nearby and the Doctor after ECG & first aid referred me immediately to the PGI Hospital Chandigarh where I was admitted to the Cardiac Care Unit. The Cardiologist conducted angiography and found that there were 8 blockages ranging from 90 to 95% in all the three coronary arteries and he referred the case to the surgeons for CABG/bypass surgery. They referred my case to AIIMS at New Delhi from where I was referred to Escorts Heart Institute as the case was very complicated because of diffused arteries and long blockages.

            I was admitted to Escorts where the Cardiologist informed that he had some doubt in the angiography report as in this condition the patient could not reach Delhi by road. He conducted second angiography and referred me to the surgeon for bypass surgery. I was prepared for bypass by completing all the tests and formalities. Next day morning I was taken to the operation theatre for operation/bypass and the surgeon after having a look at my file sent me back to the room and told me that I will be operated the next day. This next day never came and I was discharged after seven days to come back for surgery after 4 days because of holidays. My family in the meantime took me to all the major Hospitals in Delhi for bypass surgery but was sent back due to diffused arteries. One surgeon at Rohini Heart Institute hospital remarked that the patient had a nuclear bomb inside. My family decided to bring me to Forties Heart Institute at Mohali where the Doctor told me to deposit Rs.3.5 lakhs and 6 units of Blood. I requested the Doctor to have a look at my two Angiographies to enable me to deposit money as I had already paid the consultation fee. The doctor insisted that I should deposit the amount first and then he would see my angiographies/C.D,s or come tomorrow. The other day again I went there & after depositing the consultation fee requested the doctor to have a look at my C.Ds. The doctor again told me to deposit the amount and he would see the C,.D.s later as he was busy.

            In the meantime I received a Phone call from Brahma Kumari sister at Chandigarh who used to come to our Lions Club on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan every year where I was President earlier and I had arranged a Lecture on stress free living for the members of the club. She told me that at Brahma Kumaris H.Q. at Shantivan Mount Abu, Rajasthan they are conducting CAD camps for opening the blocked arteries and large number of patients have got cured without bypass, angioplasty & stenting. Initially I was hesitant that no big hospital has treated me and how could Hospital of Brahma Kumaris cure me like this. As my position was aggravating and having no other option available, I agreed to go to Mount Abu.

On reaching Shantivan I was introduced to Dr Satish Kumar Gupta M.D. (Med), FCCP, FIAE, FIMSA, CAD, A Senior Consultant, Cardiology & Medicine, Project coordinator, Coronary Arteries Disease, Global Hospital & research Centre of Brahma Kumaris. After meeting the Doctor, I was so impressed by his behavior and the Holistic treatment given by him. He advised and guided me properly and told me that I have no serious problem which has been created by me only because of my bad life style, bad diet, wrong time walk and exercises. The doctor advised me to attend CAD camp there which was scheduled for next month and in the meantime I should take four steps as under:-

  1. To change my “A? type personality to “B? type by changing it to a positive lifestyle by avoiding Hurry, worry anger and lust etc., and to be cool and contented.

  2. To take low fat high fiber pure vegetarian diet in soul consciousness.

  3. To walk in the morning after sunrise for 45 minutes and to stroll in the evening before sunset for 30 minutes.

  4. To learn the art of Rajyoga meditation and meditate daily.

During counseling, Dr. Satish Gupta explained to me that my lifestyle was consuming me. My fast lifestyle was the greatest factor causing my disease. The other personality traits associated with type hurry like having minimum reaction time, losing temper at the drop of a hat and worry and anxiety made me a Type A personality which had aggravated my condition. I realized that this disease was completely my own making. 
The seven-day CAD Regression Programme was quite touching and it inspired me to follow the four essential principles of practising Rajyoga meditation at amritvela, listening to the daily spiritual class, practicing soul-consciousness at regular intervals during the day and following the prescribed diet and schedule charts. I adopted these principles to the word and accurately followed the prescribed schedule chart for three months accurately.  

I had earlier decided to get rid of my addictions several times because they were hampering my social wellbeing and kept my family unhappy. I had even contacted drug de-addiction camps, though I never joined any. Now when I returned from this CAD programme, I felt so powerful from inside that gained the will power to give up all addictions once and for all. Through meditation and the daily spiritual class, I felt empowered to leave unwanted things in my life. I have seen people who are used to minor addictions like tea and coffee and have such a great problem leaving them and here was I, a long-time addict, who felt it was not at all an effort to give up opium! It took me one powerful thought to leave all of them.
During the CAD programme, we underwent a special surgery, a surgery though meditation, where we connected to the Almighty as the Supreme spiritual surgeon. It was during one such meditation experiences that I felt that the blockages in my arteries actually opened as a hardened blister opens up and releases puss. My wife had come along to attend the programme along with me. When she sat for meditation simultaneously, she had a conversation with God. She asked Him how it was possible to remove the blockages in my heart. At that time, she had a feeling that the Supreme Surgeon showed her two transparent pipes, which resembled arteries. They were tainted and blackened. She questioned what it was, then the Supreme Surgeon      showed her two other similar pipes and they were absolutely clear. My wife had such a visual experience showing that the blockages in my arteries could be removed. Simultaneously, during meditation, I had a feeling of being free from my blockages.
During counseling, Dr. Satish Gupta explained to me that my lifestyle was consuming me. My addictions were the greatest factor causing my disease. The other personality traits associated with addicts like having minimum reaction time, losing temper at the drop of a hat and worry and anxiety made me a Type A personality which had aggravated my condition. I realized that this disease was completely my own making. 
I was mesmerized by this experience but did not want to take it seriously unless I actually saw its effect in real life. On returning from the programme, one day when my sons were working in the fields with a spade, I went to work with them. I used the spade to till the field for six continuous hours and yet I had no fatigue! It made me believe that our experiences in meditation were real. I felt like a young boy, as if I had suddenly become more energetic than my own children. 
Though Dr. Satish Gupta asked me to continue with my medicines, I stopped to take any after three months. I really do not take any medicine now.  On returning from the programme, my local cardiologist was more than surprised to see me and my reports. He felt that such a physical and mental transformation could not be doctor’s work. It had to be a Godly task. When I discussed with him about the programme, I realized that so many aspects about heart disease were unknown to doctors as well and now they were known to us through the CAD programme.  People in my village were surprised to see me de-addicted and transformed and felt that it must only be Gods power which could bring about this sea change.
At home and in my extended family, people are so relieved to actually have me back. They had lost faith in getting me out of my habits. My transformation through the programme, it seems, had trickled down to every heart in my family, who are pleasantly surprised. My home is free from quarrels and addictions. In fact we have started conducting the daily spiritual class here.

Since then I have attended several CAD regression sessions for my own well being and check up and have also brought in several people here who were thinking of going in for an angioplasty or a bypass surgery. I have been instrumental in bringing around 200 people in contact with the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University, which has dedicated itself to the upliftment of human beings. I am thankful to Amlighty God, to Dr. Satish Gupta for this new life, in which I will try my best to be of service to humanity.
I wish to tell all our sisters and brothers that angioplasty or a bypass is only a temporary solution to this deep rooted disease. I myself had an angioplasty, but I felt very uncomfortable after that. Heart disease is primarily a lifestyle disease and rectifying our lifestyle is the only way to remedy it.
In fact I had a very aggressive Life style and fond of eating out in Hotels & clubs, though I was a vegetarian but used to take high fat diet only. Moreover I had a very perfectionist attitude which the people did not like and they used to file false complaints which created tension for nothing and I lacked emotional support also. All these factors lead to Heart problem.

            I attended the CAD programme as advised in September, 2001 for seven days which was really an eye opener as Dr. Satish Gupta conducted wonderful sessions on opening the arteries, opening the mind and also explained the principles of Soul, mind, body and medicine through which one can treat any disease of the body through meditation. In the first lesson on opening the arteries I observed that there was some activity in the heart through the soul and blockage is melting and I was feeling light & energetic. I practiced it for months as advised. Though all the lessons were excellent but the lectures on diet, opening and cleaning the mind were very educative. The entire 3-D Healthcare programme contained Holistic Health care, full of values and spirituality which is not only useful to the Heart patients but for prevention of all types of diseases for all. Rajyogini BK Bala Behn taught Meditation course in a very simple way and very nicely and her lecture on diet were very impressive.

            I have followed this program honestly and sincerely and leading healthy wealthy and happy life since 2001 without any Intervention /angioplasty/ stenting/ bypass surgery or any other treatment except 3-D Health care.

            After one year of following this programme Dr. Satish Gupta ji advised me to get the Angiography done in order to check the latest position of the blockages. I got the angiography done in 2002 and the same Doctor who had earlier done the same was surprised to see the regression in 5 out of 8 arteries and declared me fit & not requiring any bypass, angioplasty or the bypass surgery. I still continue to follow this 3-D Health care programme and have no problems till date and am rendering this service to the Heart patients telling them to use preventive measures in CAD camps and wherever I get chance to deliver talk on the subject. I have been delivering this talk at various corporate offices & the centers of Brahma Kumaris across India and abroad. In Australia my talk on preventive measures was appreciated in the Souvenir of Integrated Medical Association wherein my two page experience was published by Dr. Barbara Hanan, Director of the Association along with the working of the Global Hospital, Mount Abu.

            The Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) which leads to Angina and Heart Attacks is a major cause of death all over the world and is spreading like an epidemic and most of the people do not even reach the hospital for treatment and those who fortunately reach the hospital undergo angioplasty, stenting or bypass do not get fully cured and the pain recurs. Large number of patients who had undergone, bypass, angioplasty, stenting had repeated problems, came to mount Abu and got permanent relief and are now enjoying their disease/problem free life after attending this 3-D Health care programme  & the experiences of such persons are available on  internet as Dilwalas.



Dr. Manmath Nath, Age:70
Occupation: Prof. Cardiology,
Silchar, Assam

MPI came to Shantivan for the second time on 19th November, 2011 for attending the CAD programme and for the first time in March, 2011. This place appeared to me as a “DEVASTHAN?, “PARADISE? or “?SWARGA? . The environment here is so pure, beautiful, powerful and positive that anyone who comes here feels it and his or her heart becomes full of joy and happiness. I had the same feelings whenever I came to Shantivan or Mount Abu. First time I and my wife stayed at: Gyan Srovar?, which also appears to me a heaven on the earth. When we came here we forgot the earthly things and relations etc., became NIRBIKAR. One feels presence of GOD everywhere. We were taught of “Satyuga? where everything is available without any effort whenever we need it. All are very cordial, helpful starting from Respected Dadi’s, BK Brothers, BK sisters and also sevadhari brothers and sisters. They are extending full cooperation help and guidance to all the visitors whenever they are visiting here. Overall atmosphere is very pleasant and serene here. Everything is very sweet here including the birds.

            The CAD programme was introduced here under the patronage of former President of India His Excellency APJ Abdul Kalam and under able leadership of Dr Satish Kumar Gupta M.D. (Med), FCCP, FIAE, FIMSA, CAD Project coordinator, Coronary Arteries Disease, a Senior Cardiologist & Consultant In charge of the Global Hospital & Trauma Centre about 14 years ago. This programme is sponsored by Ministry of Health, Govt. of India and in collaboration with Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). More than 3000 CAD patients have been benefited by this programme. The unique feature of this programme is that blocked arteries are opened up without any angioplasty or bypass operation.

            The programme includes lifestyle modifications, food habits, and exercise, giving up the bad habits like smoking taking of fatty foods & taking low fat high fiber balanced diet above all Meditation and spiritual classes regularly. Advice is also given how to control one;s anger, greed, lust, jealousy ego and other bad qualities which damage the endothelium of the arteries and thus produces endothelium plaques and clots  also ultimately breaks the coronary artery and produces heart disease. In the meantime treatment and advice is given for controlling the high Blood pressure (Hypertension), Diabetes, high cholesterol and other fats in the blood (hyperlipidemia) obesity and others which are also responsible for coronary artery disease.

Most of the new patient and also the old patients who had already undergone angioplasty & bypass surgery have been benefited by this programme. Dr. Satish Gupta and BK Bala Behn are conducting this programme regularly at Shantivan Mount Abu with great success. Their smiling and untiring efforts have made this programme very successful. Dr. Satish Gupta has visited many countries abroad like U.K. Russia, China, Malaysia Sri Lanka & Mauritius and has given lectures on regression of coronary artery diseases by life style modifications, Healthy lifestyle for healthy and happy living were appreciated by all there.

I personally benefited from this programme. I am following it for the last 8 months and benefited very much. There is much improvement in my health and there are no symptoms of heart disease now. I am a diabetic for a long time and on insulin. After attending this programme my insulin has come down from 16 units in the morning and 14 units at night to only 6 units in the morning and only 4 units at night now. There is a feeling of well being. I am following the advice sincerely and would repeat my angiogram after sometime. As I am feeling well, I believe sincerely that my blockages in the coronary arteries have regressed and the arteries have opened up now.
My respectful Tributes and thanks to Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta and Bala Behnji  for sincerely conducting this successful programme with devotion for the benefit of the disturbed human beings.



Dr. Raman Kumar Gupta, Age:52
Occupation: Orthopedic Surgeon,
Chandigarh, Punjab

MPBy profession I am an orthopedic Surgeon and resident of Chandigarh. I am 52 years, non-vegetarian, anxious personality, perfectionist, hypertensive, dyslipidemia, chronic smoker and chronic alcoholic. At the age of 38 years I started taking anti- hypertensives alongwith statins and at the age of 47 years, I started taking anti depressants.
            I always used to feel work-pressure and time pressure. I always wanted people to work as per my wish; otherwise I used to get irritated. But simultaneously I never used to say anything to people. In other way I wish to say that I used to my anger to myself only.
            My father, my uncle and my grandfather suffered from acute chest pain and died on   the spot. They did not get time for first aid even, My brother who is also a Doctor and is hypertensive, diabetic, obese, smoker had acute myocardial infarction and underwent open heart surgery.
Gradually I started feeling breathlessness in early 2010. I underwent ECO, TMT/ECG/X-ray chest Blood tests like blood sugar/LFT/RFT but all investigations were normal, except lipid profile which was deranged.
            On 15-05-2010, I was operating upon a patient, when I felt constricting pain in substernal region, I was immediately shifted to CCU, where ECG was done and ECG report was strongly suggestive of severe heart attack. After first aid I was shifted to Fortis Hospital Mohali (adjacent to Chandigarh) where angiography was done and found 100% blockage in main coronary artery vessel i.e LAD. Angioplasty was done immediately and I was discharged from the Hospital after 3 days with prescription of some medicines with diet chart with complete bed rest for one month.                                                                       
Gradually I resumed my old life style. My B.P. was not under control even after increasing the dosage of the anti-hypertensive’s. Similarly my lever function test and lipidogramme were deranged despite change of medicines. My wife, Dr. Supriya Gupta, is a Gynecologist. She is already connected with Brahma Kumaris organization for the last two years at Zonal office Punjab at Sector-33-Chandigarh. She repeatedly requested me to join with her, but I never agreed. After the incidence of heart attack my wife did not go to the centre for nearly one month and when she resumed after one month, sister Lalita didi  who gave her course on Rajyoga, asked  her about the cause of her absence. After knowing the reason, she guided us to attend CAD program me and gave contact number of BK M.P. Agnihotri who is dealing with CAD program at Chandigarh.
I along-with my wife, attended the CAD program in March, 2011. On reaching the divine place, Madhuvan, I felt at complete peace, positive vibrations, peace and fragrance of beautiful flowers. After travelling such a long distance from Chandigarh to this place, there was no tiredness, I was feeling fresh. My blood tests were done, Blood pressure was monitored, ECG was taken. I was astonished to see that my blood pressure was absolutely normal though I was on same meditation as before. Immediately it came to my mind that there is something extraordinary at this place. The first class of CAD was “Who am I?. Sr. Satish Gupta convinced us that we are souls, not the body. I was puzzled, why this doctor is teaching us about the soul. How soul is related to CAD program. .Mystery was solved gradually after attending the classes as he further taught us ABCD of Rajyoga i.e. A-Atma (Soul), B-Baba (Supreme Soul), C-connection of soul and Supreme Soul, D-Drama-means we are all actors in this world drama and we are all actors and the supreme soul is  Director and we are all playing our roles. Dr. Satish Gupta convinced us the co-relation between spiritualism and science. Myself as a doctor, I was convinced and we learnt about the 7 innate qualities of the soul like, knowledge, purity, peace, love, happiness, bliss and powers.
The Soul received these qualities from the Supreme soul. When we live in soul conscious state, we can use these qualities and make our life healthy and happy and can share happiness with all. When we live in Body conscious state we come under the influence of lust, anger, attachment, hurry, greed, negative thinking and Ego. The root cause of all diseases especially heart disease is body consciousness. Dr. Satish Gupta also told us regarding Mind and Intellect that these two are entirely different from our heart and brain. Mind and intellect are spiritual terms and are related to “T.E.A.M? i.e.  Thoughts, Emotions, Attitude & Memories. Positive Team relates to some specific hormones e.g. endorphins which are good for our body. Negative Team relates to other specific negative hormones which create many problems. Supreme Soul has given us limited breathing rate, not life in years. The more we breathe fast the life will be short. We were advised the benefits of low fat high fiber vegetarian diet.
We were advised of the benefits of morning brisk walk after sunrise and evening stroll before sunset and the trees produce oxygen after sunrise only which is good for healthy living. The most important part of CAD program was change in life style, which starts with the trust that we are souls & children of the Supreme Soul. We gain these qualities through daily through the jewels of knowledge. World drama is fixed & whatever is happening is for the best. What happened was good and what will happen in future will also happen for the best. Karma philosophy is very accurate and we have to clear our account which may be good or bad. If we understand Karma Philosophy, we will never react. We have been taught to write a letter to Shiv Baba daily before going to bed & also fill up chart given to us.
            After attending CAD camp, I became pure vegetarian, stopped alcohol and smoking. I started my day to day activities by getting up at 3.30 AM and strictly follow the spiritual and daily routine as advised. By following the instructions I have reduced by 7Kg. in weight and I do not feel any breathlessness. My B.P. is completely under control and even I have reduced anti-hypertensives. I am no more on anti-depressants. Now I always remain happy and light as all the test are now normal.
            In the 2nd CAD program in June, 2011, I was surprised that I answered the same questions in the psychological form in a different way because I am positive personality today. Now I am capable of managing time and the self.
Relations of family members:
            Earlier I use to quarrel with my teenage son because of difference of opinion and ego and body consciousness but after attending the CAD program we are now like good friends. I have now learnt that the children now need guidance and not command. My wife is also happy, healthy and confident.
            Follow Positive TEAM, Understand World Drama, Learn ABCD of Rajyoga, Listen Jewels of knowledge (Murli) daily, Always be soul conscious, Task proper Diet & walk after sunrise and write chart daily. These activities will bring changes in everyone’s life forever healthy, ever wealthy and ever happy living. 



Pradeep Shetty, Age:54
Occupation:Bank Manager
Malabar Hill,
Mumbai- 400 035.

pradeep shettyI had a heart attack on the 13th Jan 2005 (Sad! It was my 50th birthday) I was admitted in Bombay Hospital and the next day a Coronary Angioplasty was performed on me as I had 100 % Block in Mid LAD It was in 2005 May that my wife Naina had enrolled me in the 3 Dimensional Heart Care Camp held at Mount Abu conducted in association with Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, I had nothing to do with Brahma Kumari’s, just brushed it off. Finally decided to attend the camp just for her sake. We moved towards Abu to participate in the 3 Dimensional Heart Care Programme starting from 17th  to 23rd April 2008.

This programme is being organsied by Dr Satish Gupta, M.D. (Med), FCCP, FIAE, FIMSA, CAD Project Co-ordinator Global Hospital & Research Centre, of Brahmakumaris, Shantivan-Abu Road, 307510,
As Bypass is not the ultimate solution as one tends to again develop blockages and ultimately suffer a stroke again. He decided to do research on the reasons of cardio vascular disease and to find a permanent solution to this illness, after years of research he developed this 3 Dimensional Heart Care based on concept of Soul Mind Body Medicine.  He chucked up his practice and flung himself to serve the mankind. The programme is approved by the Ministry of Health, Govt of India; Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam (Former President of India) came twice to Abu to observe this Programme and suggested Dr.Gupta’s revelation may be made mandatory in School as that would help to have a healthy generation. As nowadays Heart attacks occur as early as at 20 years of age. He was highly impressed by Dr Gupta's body of work and suggested he do it on a larger scale.

A neatly chalked out programme started at 5.00 am on the 17th April 2008, then we were asked to narrate our experiences and believe me that was the time I was totally dumb founded, out of the 32 participants 19 were diabetic 7 had more than two heart attacks, 8 had more than twice bypass surgery, (I was told by my surgeon at a most prestigious hospital in South Mumbai, that I would not have any heart problem for the next 25 years after my angioplasty)

During the experiencing session for HEALING THE HEART DISEASE. This turned out to be my BIRTHDAY (In Christianity they say BORN AGAIN) A day which changed my life forever. While attending this session, I don’t know exactly what happened but I went on a roller coaster ride. I didn’t know what happened to me but at the end of the session I felt like I had a new healthy and happy heart void of any ailment. Slowly I looked around and found most of the participants were in similar state as mine.

The session “Mind Body and Soul Medicine? started I was literally on the edge of the seat when he revealed that heart attacks occur 25% due to food habits and 75% due to our state of mind, restlessness, stress, anger, anxiety. I listened in rapt attention. I knew as well as every body else that stress was the main villain, but when he asked us to describe what stress is, we were left wanting, we just could not describe it verbally.

Here I need to introduce myself to the readers, I am a Banker by profession, Aged  54 years, I happen to be a straight forward guy, totally focused in life, very disciplined and a workaholic, I am a painstaking perfectionist, a punctual person with no vices to speak of, and a health conscious freak. So when I was diagnosed with myocardial Infarction I was shocked as I failed to understand as to why I had an attack with such a healthy and a disciplined lifestyle. There were many a time during my regular check ups with my doctor I would repeatedly ask for the reason for my heart attack but evoked no response from him. It was Dr. Satish Gupta who enlightened me that though I have taken utmost care of my health I have grossly neglected my mind and that was the precise reason for my illness It hit me like a bolt, yes I had all along ignored my mind I thought that my disciplined lifestyle, my work, my perfection, my sincerity, my punctuality were my traits of which I was proud of and here was this Doctor telling me that these qualities were of a type “A? personality
They have no answer, and Dr Gupta has it, with relentless efforts and research he has come out with a permanent solution he stops just about everything with his unique way with aplomb. His mastery over the subject is to be seen to be believed his confidence to be experienced. I was struck like a bolt of lightning when he asked some participants to stand who were Doctors, and not one but seven participants stood up and identified themselves as Doctors some of them Cardiologists who also had been victims of stroke due to their way of life and could cure everything except their mind. Dr. Satish Gupta has a huge body of work to speak off, the entire group of participants would sit through the lectures with rapt attention for can you believe full 16 hours and he would relentless talk for 16 hours yet not a trace of fatigue of exertion or stress on his faces, as fresh as a flower even on the 16th hour.
He would make us get up at 3.30 am and then teach us to meditate thus control our thought process for an hour conducts various investigative tests to monitor each an every changes, and then asks us to go back to our room have our bath, makes up do our daily brisk exercises at 6.30 after sun rise takes us back to the conference hall till 8.30 and  then 9.00 again at the conference hall teached us every single technical inputs about our health, heart (Individually) with abundance of back up evidences, then fruits time at 11.30, then perfect lunch at 1.30, 4.00 pm again fruits are given then again, evening stroll at 6.30 before sunset then again 1 hour meditation and then a light dinner at 8.00 followed by a informal gathering at 9.00 in the lawn to share our day to day experiences and apprehensions and wind up at 10.00 pm The entire schedule injected with number of clinical test (diabetics are taken special care of) with blood sugar check up with every meals, ECGs done up regularly. This for the entire period of 7 days.

He presented us with records of scores of patients who had dissolved these blockages over period of 6 months to one year without going into any surgery either angioplasty or bypass with this Healthy and Happy Lifestyle programme. And then one after another he showed hundreds of angiograms of patients attended earlier with dates (Pre and Post) You just wouldn’t believe it till you see it, and here stood a Doctor who doesn’t take the credit of curing thousands of patients( such humbleness).

 Today I am a changed man, very much concerned about my state of mind, my thinking, my diet, my health, my family, Now I am rarely angry as I know now what could happen to my endothelium . So I am more smiling, and always in the thoughts of GOD, connecting to Him with the help of Rajyoga, just continuing with the lifestyle he has prescribed and not bothering what other have to say about my diet. As I want to live for my family now. Now I have found a mission to go about in my life, I shall strive hard to see that maximum numbers of patients are benefited with this style of living without going in for any surgery. I have pledged myself this mission.

Recently I had 2D Echo done At Bombay Hospital which indicated my LVEF(Ejection Fraction) is 60% (A normal person’s EF( is 56 to 60%) most of my heart muscles were dead when I had my attack and my EF was 30% but today with the help of Rajyoga and the new lifestyle diet they are  rejuvenated (A thing never heard of) now I intend to get my angiography once again done under advise of Dr Guptaji, done as I am sure I would be free of any blockages in my arteries like thousand of them who had attended this 3D heart care programme earlier.

Doctors may perform a bypass on you, can they guarantee that you would not get another blockage in the arteries elsewhere; as now I have fully realized the real reason is not food but your thought process. You need to treat your mind more than the body. These programmes are held every month at Shantivan, Abu please think at the most one will have to spend a week but will gain a lifetime. 

I too am driven in this noble and novel cause, enlightening many a few heart patents at various places and various BK Centres with the help of BK Nihaben of Gamdevi Centre from time to time and explaining them the benefits of getting totally cured of this epidemic disease, without any medicine and surgery through Rajyoga.

I am sure had he been an American he would have by now been bestowed with a Nobel Prize.


Gyan Singh, Age: 45
Occupation: Farmer
Karnal. Haryana, Pin-132114

Case History - Before my tryst with the CAD regression programme, I would like to describe myself as a long-time addict to everything that is prohibited for a healthy living. I started to smoke when I was only in class six. After finishing my tenth standard, I started to take alcohol. At the time of my marriage in 1987, I was addicted to everything wrong. Just name anything from drinking, smoking to gambling and I was addicted to all of them. I would easily pick quarrels and shied away from work. In 1994, my elder brother passed away and in 1998, another of my brothers died. As a result, the responsibility of both the families fell on me. I was so stressed to face such a challenge that I started to take opium to escape from this reality. From opium I went on to try other drugs also, but I was addicted only to opium
          My life was no different for many years after that till in June 2003, I experienced pain in the chest one afternoon. I tried to subdue it by taking almost a bottle of alcohol but the pain continued. Then after some medication, I went to the doctor in the morning. A heart attack was confirmed by an ECG test. I was prescribed a dosage of medicine but I was too reluctant to take it and did not pay much attention.

          After two months, I again experienced pain in the chest. I started to sweat and puke. It was another heart attack and I was hospitalized. The angiography made clear that there were four blocks in my arteries. The LAD and its proximal vessels were blocked 50 per cent, the starting of D1 was blocked 50 per cent and S1 was blocked 75 per cent. Distil D1 was occluded, it had variable blockages.  The LCX was also damaged as plaque had accumulated inside it. The proximal RCA was 50 per cent blocked. There was a clot in the vessel and the blockage here had expanded from 50 to 99 per cent. The RCA showed 50 per cent sclerosis and a 99 per cent thrombus here became the immediate cause of heart attack.

          In July 2003, I got angioplasty done. When I was coming back from the hospital, I felt that I should abstain from smoking. However, I went back home only to return to my non-vegetarian lifestyle of eating and drinking and smoking. When I went to the fields to work, my chest used to feel heavy. I felt I was very weak and tired. I could not walk up to the fields.

          In February 2004, by my good luck, I met a Brahma Kumar friend who asked me to go to a local centre. When I contacted the centre, the sisters there arranged for my visit to Mount Abu in the month of May-June. There I met Dr. Gupta who asked me to attend the next CAD regression programme. I learnt that Dr. Satish Gupta was honored with 2000 Millennium Medal Award. The American Institute also honored Dr. Satish Gupta with the “Man of the year? Award for his invention on heart disease through lifestyle modifications. The international Biographical centre London honored Dr. Gupta as one of the 2000 Intellectuals of the world of the 20th Century. He has also one many other awards thereafter.
 Transformation after CAD Regression Programme
          In August 2004, when I came to attend the programme, during the regular morning walk, which is meant to be of 45 minutes, I could hardly complete one full round of the small garden. But by the sixth day, was able to complete a 45-minute brisk walk for the first time with 120 steps per minute. We came to know here about the healing power of meditation. We came to know that meditation made us feel light as it helped the body to release endorphins, the chemicals in the body that keep us happy. This idea touched me immensely as I felt that if such a bliss-giving chemical was being released from within my body I would never need to take any opium from outside. This gave me the courage to think that it was possible to get over addictions.

          The seven-day CAD Regression Programme was quite touching and it inspired me to follow the four essential principles of practicing Rajyoga meditation at amritvela, listening to the daily spiritual class, practicing soul-consciousness at regular intervals during the day and following the prescribed diet and schedule charts. I adopted these principles to the word and accurately followed the prescribed schedule chart for three months accurately.

          I had earlier decided to get rid of my addictions several times because they were hampering my social wellbeing and kept my family unhappy. I had even contacted drug de-addiction camps, though I never joined any. Now when I returned from this CAD programme, I felt so powerful from inside that gained the will power to give up all addictions once and for all. Through meditation and the daily spiritual class, I felt empowered to leave unwanted things in my life.
During the CAD programme, we underwent a special surgery, a surgery though meditation, where we connected to the Almighty as the Supreme spiritual surgeon. It was during one such meditation experiences that I felt that the blockages in my arteries actually opened as a hardened blister opens up and releases puss. My wife had come along to attend the programme along with me. When she sat for meditation simultaneously, she had a conversation with God. She asked Him how was it possible to remove the blockages in my heart. At that time, she had a feeling that the Supreme Surgeon showed her two transparent pipes, which resembled arteries. They were tainted and blackened. She   questioned what it was, then the Supreme Surgeon showed her two other similar pipes and they were absolutely clear. My wife had such a visual experience showing that the blockages in my arteries could be removed. Simultaneously, during meditation, I had a feeling of being free from my blockages.

          I was mesmerized by this experience but did not want to take it seriously unless I actually saw its effect in real life. On returning from the programme, one day when my sons were working in the fields with a spade, I went to work with them. I used the spade to till the field for six continuous hours and yet I had no fatigue! It made me believe that our experiences in meditation were real. I felt like a young boy, as if I had suddenly become more energetic than my own children. 
          Though Dr. Satish Gupta asked me to continue with my medicines, I stopped to take any after three months. I really do not take any medicine now.
On returning from the programme, my local cardiologist was more than surprised to see me and my reports. He felt that such a physical and mental transformation could not be doctor’s work. It had to be a Godly task. When I discussed with him about the programme, I realized that so many aspects about heart disease were unknown to doctors as well and now they were known to us through the CAD programme.  People in my village were surprised to see me de-addicted and transformed and felt that it must only be Gods power which could bring about this sea change.
          Since then I have attended several CAD regression sessions for my own well being and check up and have also brought in several people here who were thinking of going in for an angioplasty or a bypass surgery. I have been instrumental in bringing around 200 people in contact with the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University, which has dedicated itself to the upliftment of human beings. Even I have started Geeta Pathshala at my home at Village Gagsina District Karnal where I am sharing my Heart experience and many people have benefited said good bye to additions

I wish to tell all our sisters and brothers that angioplasty or a bypass is only a temporary solution to this deep rooted disease. I myself had an angioplasty, but I felt very uncomfortable after that. Heart disease is primarily a lifestyle disease and rectifying our lifestyle is the only way to remedy it.



Mohinder Girdhar, Age:41
Occupation: Civil Engineer, Govt. job
Jind, Haryana

Case History - In December 2003, I had severe chest pain while going to office on my bike in the early morning hours. I halted near a shop, from where people rushed me to a hospital. An ECG revealed that I had a heart attack. I was managed by medicines and injections and stayed in the hospital for a week.

An angiography from one of India’s premium institute detected a triple vessel block, with 80 per cent blockage in LAD, 60 in LAD division and 60 in LCX. The doctors in my hometown, and or a premium heart institute in Delhi were unable to diagnose the cause of the disease. Being a spiritual student at the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University, I had nothing in my diet or lifestyle that was offensive. I was a vegetarian, teetotaler, a non-smoker and abstained from any violent behaviour including anger, aggression or responding that could lead to hypertension. So the question as to how I could be afflicted to such a disease haunted me. 

Being labeled has a heart patient made me very upset. I became fearful, sensitive and touchy about things and despair took over me. I went into complete rest for a month.

The CAD Regression Programme
I already knew about the CAD regression programme and came to attend it in May 2004. Here I interacted with the other participants of the programme. Conversations with patients who had earlier benefited immensely instilled more faith and confidence in me. The biggest benefit I derived from this programme was the evaporation of ‘disease consciousness’ that had almost become bigger than the disease itself by this time.

During the seven-day programme, there was a session in which we were made to write a letter to God. From writing about things that we dislike about ourselves, the errors that we have committed in the past, and the burdens on our mind, we wrote everything. As I penned it down to the Almighty, I felt unburdened at heart and experienced a soothing healing effect.   

The special Rajyoga operation is the most exclusive and effective sessions of all. During the operation, we sat in meditation and I felt that the Almighty surgeon was operating on me and the cholesterol accumulated in my heart was melting away. This experience was so strong that I was sure that my subtle body was being operated upon by the greatest and safest of spiritual surgeons and this effect could be transferred to my physical body if I religiously followed this programme for at least three months.   

By analyzing my angiography, Dr. Datish Gupta told me that I was an ‘over responsible’ person, and this made me live through anxiety, worry, hurry and excitement many times during the day. These particular traits were the cause of my disease for it was loading my heart with stress and tension. Unless I really worked upon changing these traits, he said, medicines would not be able to help completely. I was completely convinced with the logic given for my disease because these traits had really become almost a natural nature for me. Another thing that he told me was that I had the habit of not expressing my heart out. It was in my nature to keep things to myself. As an antidote I was asked to write a letter to God every day.   

After returning from the programme I changed my profile at my office to help myself in the recovery process. I switched from a field job to desk work which helped me to ease down my schedule. I followed the programme to the core. I never miss writing to Him before going to bed. I often come here for check up and as a sevadhari in this programme and I feel rejuvenated each time. This is my tenth visit and every time I feel from the very depth of my heart, that this is the truth and nothing else but the truth. There is nothing in this CAD regression programme which is mixed with imagination or left to the patient’s fancy. Now, I feel completely comfortable with my body. I am continuing with my limited dose of medicine. The complete, unshakeable faith in this programme has motivated me to bring plenty of others to come and experience the power of healing here. 

As the battery of a cell phone needs to be recharged after a while, this place is the charger that re-charges human souls. This programme is suitable for everyone because it is aimed at transforming our lifestyle for the best. This programme is especially useful for those who are heart patients and do not have huge financial savings.  It is a place where you can be treated at reasonable, bare minimum cost and you can actually reach the root of your disease.


Now my entire family is very happy with my health and blissful life

Satyanarayan Silvery, Age:55
Occupation: Business

satyanarayanaI Worked in Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., for 30 years. I suffered heart attack on 28th Dec., 1999. I was taken to a hospital from where I was referred to a big hospital in Hyderabad. The Doctors told me that I was suffering from Malaria and later on after 7 days they conducted angiography and after two days they conducted angioplasty in my arteries. I remained in hospital for 14 days and lost my weight upto 20Kg.

            Again in the year 2004 I suffered Heart attach and was taken to the same Hospital and they conducted angiography and told me that urgent bypass surgery was required as the arteries were blocked and I was supposed to deposit Rs.2.00 lakhs. I told them that I will come after arranging the money In the meantime I consulted 3 other hospitals who also advised immediate bypass surgery.

            I was admitted to a super specialty Hospital in Hyderabad on March, 2003 and they conducted bypass surgery and remained in hospital for 26 days. But after two months again there was angina pain in the heart and felt uneasiness and even could not lie down and sleep. I had to sleep while sitting only. I went to hospital again and after check up they told me that there is a blockage in the arteries and need stenting. I told them it is only two months since bypass was done and it was difficult for me to pay again. They told me to pay 50% amount and pay the rest later. They conducted stenting in the month of May 2003 again and was in hospital for 5days.

            After three years i.e. in the year 2006 I had pain in my chest and went to hospital for check up and prescribed medicines for few days but of no relief. Then again they told me that I needed one more stenting because of a blockage. I had to undergo angiography again in February, 2006.They told me that again blockages were there and I had to undergo angioplasty again.

            Then in a spiritual exhibition they were distributing slips to learn meditation of real Geeta Knowledge by Brahma Kumaris. I completed 7 days course with Brahma Kumaris and since then I became regular student of Brahma Kumaris. B.K. Sister told me that Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta from Global Hospital and Research Centre of Brahma Kumaris is conducting Heart camp at Shanti Sarovar, Hyderabad which I attended and it was a wonderful programme for prevention of Heart diseases. I followed this programme sincerely and got enough relief. I once again attended this programme after three months as a social worker as I was completely cured through this programme.

            After attending this programme I got the repeat angiography done on the advice of Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta and I got it done from the same Doctor who had earlier advised me for angioplasty. He was surprised to see the regression in blocked arteries and asked me who I could open the them. I told them that I have opened it through Rajyoga Medication. Now I have no problem and am enjoying my healthy spiritual life and I am rendering selfless services in CAD camps at Mount Abu as and when required. It is a fact that the heart disease is fully curable through the lifestyle changes and changes in diet, proper walk and exercise.

            Before learning the art of Meditation the disease was my own creation as I used to consume lot of liquor and enjoy meat regularly. I used to take 18 types of meat for which I was very fond of and I could not take my food without meat. I used to create nuisance after having liquor. Dr. Satish Gupta explained to me that my lifestyle was consuming me. My addictions were the greatest factor causing my disease. The other personality traits associated with addicts like having minimum reaction time, losing temper at the drop of a hat and worry and anxiety made me a Type A personality which had aggravated my condition. I realized that this disease was completely my own making.  Liquor used to fight with my family members. I used to send my children to market to buy cigarettes and liquor for me at even odd hours and they used to protest.

            The doctor had advised me operation for back pain in 1990 but under the impression intoxication I did not get it done. The doctor had advised me that I have to take pain killer medicines for life because as advised, the operation for back pain was not done. Now I am enjoying with meditation instead of pain killers. Even the B.K. sisters enquired about my behavior and they are fully satisfied with the progress I have made.

            I would appeal to all to please learn the art of meditation and do not use alcohol and non-vegetarian as they are very harmful to the body as I destroyed my health and money. I have not touched any such thing after 24-11-2007 and now I do not take even the garlic and onion and became teetotaler. Even my BP and Diabetes have drastically come down. I am a very happy and healthy man today because of the CAD programme by Dr. Satish Gupta ji. Now my entire family is very happy with my spiritual and blissful life.


3 D Healthcare for 7 days programme gave me new lease of Life

Amir Haveliwala, Age:65
Occupation: Business
Borivali (W), Mumbai

satyanarayanaTill 65 years, Life seemed to be very good and it was all going very well & smooth. I never knew in fact what the disease is. Suddenly in March 2010 there was darkness in front of my eyes as if the bulb was fused and what abruptly happened I could not understand anything. After about 30 seconds when I regained consciousness I could make out that there was something wrong with the body. My Begum (spouse) immediately took me to a Cardiologist for check up. The cardiologist conducted ECG, Blood Pressure, Angiography and many other tests. Finally the doctor told me and mentioned in the Angiography report that I had three blockages in all the three arteries which were 80%, 60% and 40% and the doctor told me that the estimated expenditure would be  about 2-3 lakhs for bypass surgery.

            I was really surprised that I take care of my body and the mind so much that I am continuously doing exercises for the last 30 years and attend Yoga classes and even have no bad habits. I am 97% vegetarian and remain happy always and then how can there be blockages in my heart. Any way I had full faith in Baba. I told the Doctor that I will not go for any operation and you kindly prescribe medicines. The Doctor wrote prescription of 7-8 medicines. A fear struck my mind with the surprise that I always used to run and used to do tracking and always on the move and how could it happen to me. These thoughts lead me to depression.

            I used to attend Rajyoga classes at Borivalli Centre. Sister Divya learnt about this episode. She called me and told me, Brother you go to Mount Abu where there is a special camp for heart patients known as 3D Health Care Program and you will be all right through this program. I completed the form given by her along with my medical record and sent them through the centre and after few days I received an invitation to attend the 3D Health Care program from Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta ji and then I felt relieved as his name was very popular for giving Holistic health care to the patients.

            I along with my Begum reached Abu Road where the angels were waiting for us took us in a bus to Shantivan where we landed in front of the Diamond House. Not going much in details what happened during 7 days. We used to get up at 3.30 am and used to go for sleeping at 10.00 PM. Firstly one thing which most impressed me was that we have to realize and feel Shiv Baba, Parmpita Parmatma, Allah as a Supreme Surgeon. Since then I am feeling Him as a Supreme Surgeon who has not only cured my heart but also opened my blocked arteries and now my B.P. Lipid Profile is quite normal.

            Secondly, Dr. Satish Gupta told us that 70% blockages are created by us the reason for which five vices. If we do not get rid of the vices, there are again blockages and heart attacks even after few months of bypass surgery. Then second bypass because they do not address the root cause of five vices. The rot cause of our disease of five vices was cut by Shiv Baba the supreme surgeon and with the power of Rajyoga the account sins was destroyed and we became vice less.

            Thirdly the point touched me the most was the organizing the 3D health Care program so successfully and seemed to have been conducted by the Supreme surgeon himself. There seems to be some supreme power behind otherwise no human being can do it. Handling more than 100 patients and equal number of attendants to teach them take them to walk make them happy and dance is really a wonder.

            Fourthly the supreme surgeon conducted my surgeon himself. On fifth day when the Doctor Sahib conducted surgery through commentary when I was taken to the operation table in Parmdham and put on operation table. When the almighty took out my heart and conducted my laser surgery and opened the arteries which I was watching through my open eyes and then fixed my here there and told me that my child go and enjoy blissful life. This experience cannot be explained in words.

            Fifthly the diet which was given was so excellent that we forgot out domestic food. Everything was so neat and clean and served with smile and we were looked after so well that even in our homes our parents do not serve like this. Dr. Satish Gupta ji was with us right from 4.00 AM to 10.00 PM which no doctor would have done for his patients in life.

            Experience at Home:
My Soul and the body were fully charged at Shantivan and the life became very regulated. I paid complete attention to morning rising, Rajyoga and proper walk and exercise and I feel the Supreme surgeon is my family surgeon. Now I feel the supreme surgeon conducts my regular check up as my blockages have already opened. My HDL has increased and the LDL has decreased. Blood Pressure is always normal and Sugar is also normal. I write my chart regularly. I now give vibrations to others. I cured the pain of my father through vibrations and also gave such vibrations to my friends and relative and they got lot of relief.

There was one time when I used to sit in a company of friends and enjoy life. Now I have the supreme father as my friend and who is incorporeal. Now I don’t like company of such friends who do not recognize the father. Now as a Soul, I feel the whole world is my family and all other souls are my brothers. Most of the time I am in soul conscious state even while doing any job and am in intoxication that I am son of the Supreme Soul who is always with me takes care of me even while sleeping. So now such is my friend and a spiritual doctor the Supreme father, Teacher and Satgugu.



Occupation: Ex Employee

satyanarayanaI worked as Electrician in Mohindra chemicals (MECP) for 30 years and sought VRS in 2003 and after that I joined non Banking Smmridh Food Co. On 22-10-2007, I attended Brahma Kumaris program at Nigri. I had lunch at the centre after which I suffered angina pai in my chest and in entire body and had lot of sweating. I was feeling very uneasy. I told this to my daughter and she told to a bnrother of Tabartor Ashram and he took me to Tabartor Nigri Lokmanya Hospital for treatment. After one day of treatment I was discharged the other day and I came back home. On the Advice of the Doctor I was admitted to Niramaya Hospital Chichwad. There angiography was conducted and the report showed two blockages of 90% and 80% and the doctor advised that angioplasty had to be done to which I declined.
In fact my colleague had told me about the CAD program of the Brahma Kumaris in which I was told that they treat the heart disease and cure it without bypass and stinting/angioplasty. He completed one form and also sent all the record of my case to Abu road Shantivan In March, 2009 I attended CAD program of 3-D Health care organized by Dr. Satish  Gupta CAD coordinator of the Global Hospital and Research Centre. This program was very god and created awareness about the heart disease and how to cure it. As advised by Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta I followed this program very sincerely. Now I have no pain or problem of the heart and I feel very comfortable. I feel the disease was created by me only because of my lifestyle.
I Am now living my life as advised, practice Rajyoga, listen to the jewels of knowledge daily and get up early in the morning sit for meditation very regularly. I walk twice a day after sun rise in the morning and before set in the evening. I take diet strictly as advised low fat, high fiber pure vegetarian diet. I am now very healthy and happy person as through this program could not only avoid angioplasty but saved lot of money also.
I want to say about this CAD program that this program is be coordinated by Shiv BABA through Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta. Anybody who has Hypertension, Diabetes or any other disease can follow this program and cure the disease. The more one will follow the more he will be disease free. The diseases are caused by the vices and when we become viceless the diseases automatically vanish.
In the camp I have seen lot of patients who had come after getting the angioplasty and bypass surgery and many problems and pain etc. But after attending this program they had no pain and they were very happy. Many people after the bypass and angioplasty had pain even after 3-4 months of the bypass or angioplasty. All those people had no pain when they followed this program. There is rather regression in their blockages as there is complete regression in my both the arteries now after following this program.



Om Prakash Dixit, Age: 59
Occupation: Grocery shop owner
sikar, Rajasthan.

In September 1999, at the age of 48 years, I was admitted to a hospital in Shikhar for 15 days after I complained of angina. An angiography from a hospital in Jaipur revealed a triple vessel block. My main artery was 100 per cent blocked and the others were blocked 75 per cent and 35 per cent respectively. I felt so weak that I could not take even a few steps. The doctors suggested me to undergo a bypass surgery, for which I needed to submit two and a half lakh rupees. However even after a bypass it was not sure that I would discontinue to be a ‘heart patient’.
In November 1999, I went to meet Dr. Satish Gupta. He asked me to get an angiography report and to attend the CAD regression programme. I postponed the bypass operation for a month and came to attend the CAD programme, the second one to be organised, which was held in Global Hospital at that time. I had no hope to recover, but Dr. Satish Gupta kept counseling me to keep faith.  

My weight at the time was around 108 kg when my height is only 5’2. We have our own grocery shop and I owned 4 cows. So my intake of milk and milk products would go up to 5 litres per day. Being from a prosperous family, it was usual for us to take sweet meat, fried foods and fatty foods like stuffed paranthas almost daily in high quantities. It was only here, after the CAD programme that I was told that such a lavish intake was an invitation to disease.   
During the personal counseling session, which includes the psychological analysis of the patient, Dr. Satish Gupta told me that I been living a stressful life which lead to the heart disease. I agreed with him because I was undergoing a very tensed period of my life, having a long-standing dispute within my family that made me feel extremely stressed, worried, anxious and insecure. The dispute with the members of my joint family members had left me isolated and insecure. I worried for the safety of my own self, my spouse and children all the time. It was a perpetual strain on my mind.

The best module of the CAD programme is the surgery conducted through Rajyoga meditation. I actually experienced that God, as the Supreme Spiritual surgeon, performed a surgery on my heart. I felt that my blockages were melting away during meditation. After the programme, I started to feel very light, healthy and happy. I along with my wife, followed the schedule, diet chart and the daily spiritual class prescribed in the programme completely upon returning.

Since my wife accompanied me to the programme, it was easy for us to implement the prescribed diet chart and follow the schedule upon returning. The daily spiritual class and Rajyoga meditation sessions helped me to work on myself and transform negative traits, prominently anger, that kept me tensed. I have been able to transform to quite an extent my staunch egoistic attitude that made me short tempered and disturbed earlier. Now I feel relieved and free from anger and fear. 

I could not walk when I first went to attend the programme and I now walk for 8kms each day. I could lift any weights and now I do lift weights as much as 60 kg that come to my grocery shop.  

Two months after that programme, Dr. Satish Gupta asked me to take another angiography. It was amazing to see that the blockages in my arteries had melted away substantially! The blockages that were 35 per cent and 75 per cent were removed completely while the 100 per cent blockage in my main artery was reduced to 75 per cent. It looked like a miracle to me.  

The effects of this programme are miraculous and it is a blessing for every heart patient. It is my full faith that the CAD programme is blessed by the Almighty himself. I was so inspired that each year I bring many others along with me to attend this programme. I call upon all heart patients, especially those who are contemplating a bypass or angioplasty, to come and experience the benefits of this wonderful programme that changes not just your heart but teaches you the art of living life to the fullest. 



 Om Prakash Sharma, Age: 63
Occupation: Transportation
Amlai, Madhya Pradesh

I used to have a constant throat ache. I went to the doctor, who, after studying my case, recommended me to go in for an ECG examination. My ECG result was normal. I then had an angiography and two major blockages of around 80 to 90 per cent were detected in two of the arteries. I was put on severe medication – around 20 tablets per day. After medication, I started to experience a chest pain. When I tried to seek the opinion of doctors, family and friends, they told me that since I had been diagnosed with a heart problem, which is a life-threatening one, I would have to continue with medication lifelong. To know that I was a heart patient now was a big burden on me. Adding to it was this mysterious, long list of medication about which I had no clue. The chances of recovery seemed remote and rare.

I experienced chest pain during every single physical activity – while bathing, walking, even while using a towel or soap. I could not get sleep and my nights were marred with restlessness and worry. I felt so weak and tired that somebody had to accompany me even to the washroom. The doctors advised me rest all the time. I was not allowed to walk or talk. I had cough and breathlessness all day long. Since I had to take the medicines with every meal, food seemed tasteless. There was no charm left in life. I felt so depressed that I considered it better to die than lead this life borrowed through medication.

It was around February 2007 when I came to know that my daughter’s father-in-law had met someone (Om Prakash Dixit) who had himself been a part of the CAD regression programme and had benefited immensely. This news really relaxed me because I felt that there could be some hope left. And despite my ill health I went to meet him on my own.

I came to attend the CAD regression programme in May 2007. When I came here the doctor threw clear light on the condition of my heart of which I was absolutely oblivious for so long. In fact the mystery about this disease was an added burden. During counseling sessions, after my psychological analysis, I was explained by Dr. Satish Gupta that the cause of my disease was nothing else but hurry and not being able to share my inside with others. The painful physical disease was caused by a personality traits! I also came to understand that I could get rid of my problem by changing my thought patterns. Before this it never dawned upon anyone to discuss the cause of my disease, neither was I told this by any of the doctors I met earlier. They simply diagnosed me and asked me to undergo a bypass surgery.  

During the CAD regression programme, the doctors gave me so much of time, care and attention that I felt half healed at the very moment. I felt relaxed and some light and enthusiasm came into me. I did a seven-day course at the Brahma Kumaris centre upon returning.

Earlier I was extrememly fond of taking sweet meats and loved food prepared with heavy amounts of ghee. Upon returning, I brought in considerable change in my lifestyle, and followed the diet chart accurately, abstaining from tamsik foods as well as from excess salt and sugar, fried items. My meals and schedules were quite close to what we were taught in the CAD programme, though I could not follow it 100 per cent. Then I came to attend the CAD programme again in July 2007.

Today, a year after that, I take only four tablets per day and I feel no physical problem at all. I feel extremely blessed that God called me here. I have felt that after coming here the companionship of God has freed me from all the problems including physical, mental or financial. 

Having a heart problem had completely changed my life. I was condemned to depression and pain. And after several unending months, it was here at the CAD programme that I came out of it. I felt so light and enthusiastic once again that my wife felt that we must permanently shift here. I found again my almost lost will power. The homely atmosphere here was so healing that I did not feel like going back. My thoughts, actions and speech completely changed. And I started to stay physically fit.  

The best thing about the CAD regression programme is they way you are taught everything about the disease, how thoroughly well the classes are taken. It completely demystifies the disease to the patient and his family member who accompanies him. The team of this programme is amazing and they treat one with love and feed one with care and kindness. Dr. Satish Gupta’s personal care and attention for every participant is  amazing. I feel the heart problem was a blessing in disguise.

After the whole experience, I wish to tell everyone that bypass surgery is not required as it is not a permanent solution. Instead, people contemplating a bypass must join this programme and recover from the disease altogether.



Nerul, Navi Mumbai

In this world maximum of us do Bhakti in what so ever environment we have been brought up. We live on believes and myths, through out our lives. But result is almost nothing, but we can achieve a lot by Gyan, because it has reality and is based on facts and figures. Best way of learning Meditation is Rajyoga. Rajyoga is best way of lifestyle. By virtue of this one can achieve a lot in life. It is purely based on Purity, truth, soul consciousness, selfless, love, faith, honesty, sacrifice, sincerity, harmony peace sympathy, adjustment, co-operation, forgiveness and understanding. For curing our all types of diseases we have to become a soul conscious which has mind intellect and personal traits. We have to develop our relationship spirituality with God almighty whom we name “Shiv? the father of all souls in the world.

      But to learn Rajyoga and practice it somebody has to become media to bring us in this fold of Brahma Kumari’s. Myself along with my wife Ratna and daughter Dr.Gaytri were shown way by Dr. Ratan Rathore. Story goes like that I had gone to a Cardiologist to consult my present state of health after undergoing a bypass surgery in 1997, in the year 2007 since ten years had passed and I started getting discomfort, while doing morning walk. After carrying out my various medical tests, he told me that I was left with only 15 days of life because test results were so bad.   
Since the Cardiologist told me that I was left with only   15 days of life. I took it as a truth and started checking-up my documents to hand over accounts to my family. But my alert wife and daughter noticed change of my behavior and asked me what is the problem like since I had not revealed them about Cardiologists findings. Once I revealed them about it both suggested me to go for second opinion. Since my daughter is a Dental surgeon of MGM Hospital, Vashi. And Dr. Ratan Rathore works there as a Cardiologist. She took me to him. After reviewing my medical reports he told me that besides medicines I must learn and practices RajYoga. I agreed about his suggestion and in the month of August – 2007 underwent a Rajyoga seven day’s course at Nerul, Navi Mumbai. My wife and daughter also joined me and both them also took keen interest in not only learning Rajyoga but adopted its way of life. This way for last two years we have been practicing it daily in the morning and follow all teachings of Rajyoga.

On 4th April 08, we got a great opportunity to visit Shantivan for Baba’s milan. During our stay there we met Dr.Satish Gupta MD and consulted him about my heart problem. He was very considerate and immediately told me that I must attend CAD programme in the month of May - 08. I followed his instructions and we three attended the CAD programme. He called us for review in the month of November – 08 and once again we three attended CAD programme at Shantivan. We three are extremely thankful to Dr.Satish Gupta and his team for all teachings imparted to us. I find tremendous change in my health. I have come out from the fear of Heart problem and leading a very healthy and happy life. Some of the fine aspects of learning and benefits on spiritual angle, medical angle, physical and mental attitude are innumerated in the succeeding paragraphs in a short form.                                
Initially when I met Dr.Satish Gupta he told me that all causes of diseases is our mind. Once a person lives in a fear his death is imminent (Jo dar gaya so mar gaya) so have no fear, have a patience, enjoy each and every movement of life. Be thankful to God almighty and always remain in a happy mood. Definition of health is complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well being, “Heal Thy Self.? You are responsible for your own health. Happiness is a inner state of being it comes from inner satisfaction contentment’s peace, purity, truthfulness, fearlessness, tolerance, easy nature, sweetness, empathy, large heartedness, compassion, love, sacrifice, satisfaction, and contentment. We also learnt difference between mind & brain, Mind is software and brain is hardware. Mind is non physical and brain is physical.
Mind is team of T: Thoughts, E: Emotions, A: Attitude and    M: Memory. Brain is made of neurons and hormones, lower brain; mid brain and pons, medulla etc.
In Swasth (SWA + STH) SWA means inner self STH means conscious, self responsibility and self awareness. For healing one self requirement is of self emprovement through true knowledge. For true knowledge we require true information, true education and true conselling. To ease the disease spiritual empowerment (soul) mental cleaning and physical cleaning is a must. Spiritual empowerment can be achieved by RajYoga. Mental cleaning through Jewels of knowledge and physical cleaning through low fat fibre vegetarian diet, walking after sunrise and in evening before sunset. Proper sleep is from to proper use of medicines as per requirement.
During the course period we were told about structure of heart in the great details. This knowledge was and is useful to know how to relax, how to reduce stress & strain physical as well as mental. We were explained as to how blockages are formed in Coronary Artery and how to rectify the blockages. Reasons for blockages are five namely Type ‘A’ Behavior, Time pressure and perfection, anger, depression, sensitive and emotional reasons.

How to eradicate heart blockages?
It can be done by proper meditation and cure the different organs of the body by getting strong rays from God almighty (shivbaba) as follows:-
(i) Brain and nervous system – Rays of Gyan
(ii) Five sense organs are namely Eyes, ear, nose,
Mouth and immune system. – Purity Rays     
(iii) For Resperative system – Peace Rays
(iv) Circulatory system – Love Rays
(v)  Digestive system - Happiness Rays                                                      
 (vi) Hormonial system – Bliss Rays
(vii) Muscular, skeleton system, Bones,
 Joints – Power Rays (Ashta shaktiyan)       
(viii) Excretory system. – All Powers.
Incurable diseases we have to go in for the cure. (In + Curable)
We must keep ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, in our mind and actions. ‘A’ means Atma (soul)
‘B’ means Baba (God almighty – shiv) ‘C’ means connection and ‘D’ means drama (all in the world happens as per drama of 5000 years which is fixed)

Key words for curing all our body diseases are, we must think that we are a soul which has mind intellect and personnel traits. We have to build our relationship which should be selfless, love, faith, respect, honesty, sacrifice, harmony, peace, sympathy, adjustment, cooperation, forgiveness and understanding, for healing one self. One should be aware of self with alert mind appreciating what ever comes in life accept it and achieve it.
To have a positive attitude be positive take out negative thoughts speak sweetly, be cheerful, be friendly and be cordial. For good health meditation, diet system, exercise through proper walking, regular in taking prescribed medicines, follow complete instructions of CAD programme and proper rest is necessary. At least I am personally thankful to Dr.Satish Gupta and this team, Dr.Ratan Rathore who showed me the correct way to learn Rajyoga, our teachers who taught us RajYoga namely BK sister Nirmala didi,                BK Prof. EV Swaminathan and BK Prof. EV Girish bhai last but not the least my wife BK Ratna and daughter BK Dr.Gaytri who have stood by me giving their 100 % support. Without their full support it would have never been possible to adopt this new way of life and to lead a healthy and perfect life of purity. Not only they supported me but they also follow each and every “shrimat? of “Shiv Baba?. I am still alive in a good form of life and request all heart patients to follow this path of life to lead healthy and happy life.                                 
My personnel achievements after attending first and second CAD programme are as follows;

  1. Heart efficiency increased from 30% to 55%
  2. Initially I could not walk much but after adopting new way of life. I can walk without any problem for a longer distance.
  3. Weight reduction of 10kg after following the dietary system, exercise, meditation and rest.
  4.  Before attending CAD programme I had nodules in my both the hands but after attending this course and following instruction these started melting and many of them disappeared within sixth months.

Stress level reduced and I have started feeling light and happy in life.        



Nipun J. Khandwala
Occupation: Business
Valsad, Gujarat.

I am a soul. My body’s Name is Nipun J. Khandwala. I am 70 Years old. On 20th may 2010, 1st time. I realized breathlessness and perspiration while walking. I consulted physician and all test, cardiogram-lipid profile- echocardiogram etc done. All tests were normal. But I could not finish stress test. So Doctor Tushar Shah at Bombay advice me for angiography. In angiography five blockages were found and By-pass is suggested by my physician.

So I visited Dr. Panda at Asian Heart Hospital. He also suggested the same By-pass surgery as one block is 90% one is very near to heart etc. At that time I was suffering from acute cough as an allergic bronchitis. Dr. Panda was also out of India. So operation date was little postponed.

During this gape period my cousin sisters meet me and took all Report’s Xerox copy with her. She consulted Mr. Pradeep Shetty. I meet Pradeepbhai at B.K.Centre. He explained me that nothing to worry about it. He sent all papers to Dr. Satish Gupta and took his permission to attend the CAD program at Abu on 24th June 2010.

With my mind full or worries and confusion I came to Abu and join 3D healthcare program for healthy heart.

Miracle happens on earth that is what I have heard. But this time I witness my-self. After three days I be gain to feel well. I was able to walk 45 minutes without any problem. No heaviness no pain nothing. After attending the program. Following word to word what was told by our respected Dr. Satish Kr. Guptaji and Respected Balaben and their team. I deeply understand what is Heart-Mind-Body-Soul relationsheep my heart is full of happiness instead of blockages.
(1)     My Cough was reduced considerably during the camp. After taking medicines and pump etc for One month my cough was almost gone. As per Dr. Guptaji’s Advise I stopped all medicine and no cough up till now say 28th Nov. 2010. Cough which was troubling me since last 10 to 12 years. For this I had consulted so many physicians, ENT-specialist, chest x-ray everything was done but not getting any result. So I feel very happy and could sleep peacefully at night.
(2)     I was suffering from Axima since last 10 years. I was under treatment of skin specialist even though Axima was not cured 100%. But after attending CAD program at Abu and without any specific medicine for Axima also it was cured 100%.
(3)     Almost at every night my legs were paining and could not sleep without massage on legs. But after attending CAD program I had never felt pain in my legs.
(4)     I had so many (masa) what we call in Gujrah (extended part on my neck) slowly all masa disappear and no new arrived without any medicine.
So like this apart from my Heart problem all other 4 diseases also cured. Respected Dr. Satish Guptaji and Respected Balabehn and his team had taken so much pain to understand what is body-mind and soul working, How it is related with each other. Explanation was in very- very simple language and convincing and was with support of scientific proof that any lay person also can understand very clearly.

After attending two CAD programs 1st on 24th to 30th June 2010 another on 18th to 24th Nov. 2010. My mind is very- very clear and I understand working of Heart, root causes of Heart problem so now I started giving massage to so many other people who are suffering from Heart problems. I try to explain how life style, food habits and our thinking affect our body.
N.J.K. LIPID Profile Pre and Post treatment


Total Cholesterol


HDL Direct



Ratio Cholesterol/ HPL




















In support of my improvement in my health I am giving here data of my lipid profile previous and post treatment. So what I am saying is not just in air but this is also a solid proof for 3D health CAD program for mind-body and soul affect on body.

Dr. Satish Kr. Guptaji, Balabehnji has not only saved my life but improved my life with best quality and quantity both. I am so thankful to both of them and promise them to give my contribution for their noble work in this world.



M. R. Baruva,
Guwahati, Assam

      I am Mr. Manuvi Ram Baruva. I have participated twice in the Three Dimensional Healthcare Program. My Spouse Mrs. Nandita Baruva advised me to participate in this program. So I decided to take part in it with God’s grace. The first time I was there, It was from 29th April to 5th May 2010. Then I got a chance again to be there for the special course from 9th to 15th September 2010. My experience in both these programs has been immense and life changing. I have benefited a better person as my health started improving.

            My first day of the program was actually frightening. We were asked to do 45 minutes of brisk walking. My doctor in Guwahati had advised me to walk slowly. So I have been walking slowly for the past 8 to 10 years. So that morning of brisk walking got me worried as to whether it was the right thing for me to do. I asked Dr. Satish Kr. Gupta if I could take my medicine (sorbitrate) before the walk. He gently advised me not to do son and asked me to walk briskly. So I started walking briskly but with a doubtful mind and even stopped for short breaks of 2 to 3 minutes. Surprisingly, at the end of the walk nothing drastic happened as I had anticipated. All I felt was a little bit of tiredness. The next days I continued walking briskly and I was no longer stopping for my short breaks. I started enjoying my 45 minutes of brisk walking. Thanks to Baba and Dr. Satish Kr. Gupta in building my confidence.
            The CAD program helped me to realize the benefits of being soul conscious in thought, word and action. Every day was a new beginning for me as I started to feel better. I was on medication lasix 40, once a day, to pass enough urine as my ejection function was low. Once again Dr. Satish Kr. Gupta advised me to discontinue the medicine soon my condition improved and I was able to pass urine without medication. Once I reached home I checked my ejection function, I was happy to see that it had increased from 40% to 48% .

             I also suffer from diabetes my regular insulin intake was 12 units in the morning and 16 units before dinner. In a span of 10 months with the help of the ‘Three dimensional health care program’, my insulin intake 6 and 10 units respectively. I am sure in the near future if I continue leading my life as per the schedule given in the program I may not have to take insulin at all.

            My day begins as early as 4 a.m. with meditation followed by walking and Murli class. Earlier, I use to often miss murali classes under some pretext or other. Now not a single day is missed and I am regular and happy!

            Recently I went on a peace procession with my brothers and sisters from the Guwahati centre. It was a wonderful experience as I walked 10 km without any signs of exhaustion.
I personally feel my progress was easily achievable as I followed the diet chart and the routine given in the CAD Program. Now I feel confident enough to undergo coronary angiography to see the opening of my blockages. Thanks you ShivBaba.
Thank you Dr. Satish Kr. Gupta and his team.



Satish kawoor

   I was born at Loavala on the 22nd Dec. 1951. My educational career was completed in 1970 at kendriya Vidhyala Lonavala . I being a good sportsman was selected for Full Term Apprenticeship Course at Tata Motors, Pimpri in 1971. I completed the 3yrs. Course in 1974 and was employed there in the Tata Motors as a skilled craftsman. In the Machine Tool Division assembly as a fitter.
           I was married in 1980; my wife is serving in Bank of India at Pune in managerial cadre. I have a daughter and a son. I have served in Tata Motors for 31yrs.  During this period I have faced many untooverds incidents.
      1)  In 1981 I met with an accident of 440 volts electric shock while working in the company, due to which I was injured but recovered soon. Subsequently in 1982 in the month of July I had a Heart attack which was dialogize as Myocardial injury due to electric shock directly on the chest. For which was I was hospitalized for a month. 
         2)  Again after a  month  I had another heart attack and hospitalized for a month for 15 days. This was the 2nd attack.
         3)  In June 1987 again one night I had another heart attack the 3rd one. I then continued the treatment regularly.
         4)  In May 1989 I met with an accident on my scooter. That we were to attend a marriage function in the evening so after returning home from my duties at 3pm, instead of waiting for my wife to return home at 5pm till then I decided to fill petrol in the Scooter,  I went to the Petrol Pump while going to the pump I was crossing the  road  another guy coming from behind dashed me, my right ankle was crushed and cut into two pieces and I fell down After falling down I saw that my right leg was cut into two pieces and were looking white God gave me the sense and I immediately reached for it and collected it put it no the place and tied it with my handkerchief and sat there .But many people only gathered but no one came forward to help. Some persons knowing me staying nearby just saw rushed to my home and informed my wife. One customer from my wife’s Bank came forward and helped me and took me to the hospital.  While I was telling the Hospital address the Doctor of that hospital was passing saw it, he immediately went to the hospital started the preparation for the treatment When I reached the hospital the attendants were ready to carry me inside the hospital. They put me on the table, the doctor started dressing my wounds, and in the mean time my wife came and saw me. She talked to the Doctor, he said that we may have to ampute my right leg from the shin. As we being disciples of ‘Saibaba’ we prayed to him and then my wife told the doctor try to conduct the operation, if not successful then you can impute it. The operation was done, there were many hurdles the electricity was off,  there  was on generator in the hospital . My family doctor was called she came the operation was done with petromex,  lantern  and candle light for 4 ½ hours. I regained conscious after three hours then the doctor asked me to move my leg and the toes they were moving. Doctor said we have done it successfully and then he went  to sleep. I was admitted for 15 days after the wounds were healed and my leg was plastered and sent home. After 1½ months  the plaster was removed,  I would stand with support after 3months I could walk with the help of crutches. Know I could walk with a stick and resumed my duties.
         5) In 1992 again I suffered with a CVA attack. Here I lost my memory could not recognize the left and right direction nor currency notes. Was admitted in the hospital all the tests such as blood chemistry, MRI and even angiography of head was done   It revealed  that on the right side over my ear one vein has been damaged so I could not wear through right ear properly too. I have undergone  a  neuro-physicians  treatment  for  6 months and recovered.   So due to these reasons I have lost about 2 to 3 years of   service . My superiors considering my case gave me changed in duty from heavy duty to light duty in 1995.  
       6) In 1997 May  one day my wife told that  one of our relative as come from Madras he wants to meet us , as he is returning today at 7pm. Let us go to meet him in the evening, so in the evening we went to see him we went on our scooter and after meeting him we were returning home. While on the way one car was coming from opposite direction all of a sudden a wheel cover of that car came off and flew in our direction and struck on my scooter near my right hand , after going some distance I felt something cold on my right figure then I immediately stopped and saw that my hand was bleeding , I tied it and went to a near by hospital there I was attended and  was asked to go to another hospital as one index of my small figure was missing. Then we rushed to the hospital here   
my leg was operated , that doctor saw the wound  and immediately operated that figure. Within a month it recovered and started regular duty  
           I then sincerely did my job to my superior’s satisfaction  and I was promoted to assistants post. There  I  was  the assistant to DM  and  a Senior  Manager. Here I toiled like office boy which much more heavier job. I had climb up stairs and down stairs plus my regular office work at the end of the day my clothes used to get so wet that I had a bath in 8hrs duty daily.  In year 2002 Jan. I opted for VRS on getting fed up with so many  instances. It was sanctioned and  from 1st FEB 2002 I was relieved from my duties. I remained at home for a month ,my head became a devils workshop and my cigarettes smoking increased. Being a follower of  ‘Sai baba’ one of my friend came to me and said Baba has called you come we will start a hotel in premises of the newly built “Sai Baba? mandir. I agreed to his proposal and I started the hotel with vigor.  Having on experience in this field I had to strive  for 2years which was not an easy job had to maintain the quality of food and cleanliness, especially to monitor the cook and other workmen. Being a tensional job my smoking habit increased. I was feeling uneasiness and one day I had my 4th heart attack.
              I got the attack at about 2pm and I prolonged it 5pm, then one of my cloeuge forced me to go home .   I then drove home which was 10km. from here The road to my home was a  busy  highway, but it was a miracle that while driving I saw that the vehicles coming from the opposite direction were stopping at the road side, there was on obstruction till reached home. After reaching home I immediately rushed to a nearby clinic. Seeing me, sweating that doctor started checking my BP, he could not find my pulse as it was very low. He then contacted my family physician who asked him to send me to hospital in 10mins. I was taken to the hospital and  was put in ICU as my condition  was serious, I was then kept there four till my condition became stable. All the procedures, such as blood chemistry, ECG, 2D ECHO  were done, Then I was shifted to special Room  for observation for another 7 days , then discharged from the hospital by my doctor  suggesting to go for angiography after 15 days. After returning home , on a discussion between my family members it was decided to consult one specialist from  Pune. One of my friend took an appointment of a famous doctor from a renound Hospital after 3 – 4 days. We attended that hospital after 4days,  that doctor said  my case is serious admit  him immediately, as we had not come with that intention so I got admitted the next day. After being admitted again the same procedures were conducted angiography was suggested and  be done the next day. All the family members were called and the report was shown to everyone. It was shown that I had three vessel diseases with 6 blocks three in LAD and LCX, other three in RAC all ranging from 70% to 90%.  This doctor suggested  PCTA of 5 blocks should be done estimating to about 7.5 Lacs.  Which was quite unaffordable to us  then we requested him for Bypass surgery he then agreed for it. The day for surgery was fixed had a shy of relief  as  I was feeling so uneasy. We were given the option for surgeon who was to conduct the surgery , we opted for one of the famous surgeons of   Pune. He then came to check me and said that he would like to meet my family members the next morning at his clinic. The next morning all family members went to see him, but what Baba did we did not know he suggested that let him do yoga and take aurvedic medicines  for three months and then we will see, if needed  we will decide for surgery. We were so happy for decision given by the surgeon .

                I was discharged from the hospital, while returning home we met one doctor who suggested that go to Mount Abu at the Brahmakumari’s  there Dr. Satish Gupta has a “Ever Healthy and Ever Happy Life Style Program? for heart patients  to remove the Blocks in the arteries without any operation. He gave us the contact No. of the Brahmakumari’s Centre at Chinchwad, There we met the sister incharge  Bk. Ashwani, who guided us to contact Dr. Satish Gupta.  My wife contacted Dr. Gupta on the phone he then asked us to send 2D ECHO and Angiography reports by Fax and then contact the next day night.  The next we had telephonic talks with him and he agreed to call us for the next CAD program in August 2004. I was so happy and eagerly waiting for the program letter to come. One fine day I received the letter for the program dated 17th Aug.2004 to 23rd Aug. 2004. I immediately did the to and fro reservation.
                    At last the day came on the 15thAug ’04 I and my wife along with patient  whom ‘SHIV BABA’ had given us the privilege to bring with us. We started from  Pune  and reached Shantivan on 16th Aug.2004 at 1.30pm. We were taken by bus to the Shantivan complex. After coming to Shantivan  I felt as if we have come to haven  the atmosphere here is so silent, peaceful and loveful which we had never seen before anywhere

                   The first day of the program 17th Aug.’04 started  with ECG, Blood chemistry, Height-weight and BP Pulse rate was done in the morning. After  breakfast   we assembled in hall No.87  where all the lectures were to be conducted. Everyone was eagerly waiting to founder of this   program Dr. Satish Gupta  who most of us had never seen before.  Then came  the  figure with  Godly qualities so simple,  polite, and ever smiling. My first impression
was   that we are coming to a hospital there was nothing of that sort, infact we have come to resort .  The first period was Psychological analysis  test for  both,  e.i. patient and attendant which I have never seen before anywhere.  At 11.00am was fruit time this is given everyday. Followed by the lecture of Dr. Gupta, on introduction to Healthy Lifestyle program and results of CAD project. Then was lunch time and rest from 1.00pm to 3.30pm  starting with fruit time  and at 4.00pm lecture on know your heart Mind-Body connection. Then evening walk (strole) in the garden and explaining diet & exercise schedule. At 6.15pm was Reception Session in which all the dilwalas are welcomed and introduced to Dadi Ratanmohoniji and other seniors. At 7.30pm  dinner and group support session for 15mins. Before seep at 10.00pm.end of first day.  The program schedule is totally new to us the  high fiber low fat diet, morning 45mims. Brisk walk and evening 30mins. Strole, it was busy and tight  schedule.

The second day the 18th Aug’04  there was interesting session “Opening the Mind? in this realizing the negativities and removing them  and realizing the positivites and adopting them. In this session after opening the mind we felt so light, this was the first day of our new spiritual life.    

Here the diet was so healthy that I was gaining strength, before coming here I could not walk half a km. I started walking fast and more than that. On the fourth day in “Opening the coronary blockages session I felt something miraculous happening in my chest  after the session I felt so light  that I started running while going to dinner. On the sixth day there was a picnic  in which our stress test is done it was very different one were everyone has to play and dance gharbha, bhangra for about an hour. During this we gained confidence. On the last day CAD evaluation is done and the concluding   part of program was individual counseling done  by Dr. Gupta  in which he gives instructions  for following the program at after going home. The seven days CAD Program is unique program for heart Patients.  Dr. Gupta’s lectures on Know your heart,  no doctor gives such knowledge to his patients as well as experiences of old dilwalas  have impressed me a lot.   Then came  the departure day which we felt of not leaving here.   

                    While coming we made a coolie to carry  our laguage on returning I carried all my language myself. For days  we remembered the seven days. I reported at nearby Brahmakumari’s centre  and did the seven days course attended classes regularly and followed diet and mediation daily got good result  and experiences in six months. ShivBaba completely transformed me.    I could now walk more than 5kms. That too  fast walking  in morning and evening. My lifestyle completely changed . I gained confidence in me, I can know speak in public for at least for 2 hours which I could not before. Baba started doing seva  of heart patients through me. After six months Baba again gave me the opportunity to attend CAD program.   I was again invited for   follow-up   program in the month of March 2005. I was asked come with all test i.e, Blood chemistry, stress Test and 2D Echo reports,  all were done. They showed marked improvements. The first was I could climb 150 steps to the top of a temple.

                    I attended the advanced CAD program in the month of March 2005.  In this all old dilwalas were invited  many of the narrated their experiences and exchange of each others  views during the seven days. Every ones counseling was done at the end  
Baba  again invited me for every CAD program through Dr. Gupta, he asked me to attend each and every program.  Shiv Baba has always given  opportunity to bring at least three to five patients through me for every  CAD program  till know I have guided about 50 patients.  In 2006 I was given the opportunity to render my services at world conference WCCPC 2006 for about 5months from June2006; this also gave me a good experience. Also conducting awareness programs in public places.

     I have  completed my 5 years in the Brahmakumari’s as Bk., I gained a lot of spiritual knowledge from Shiv baba  , seva  and through this I have removed all the  blocks in the arteries of my heart. I know have devoted myself to the cause of heart patients  through Shiv Baba’s spiritual Knowledge.. 




Prafulla Harishkumar Jani, Akola - On 26th January, I attended a wedding with my family in Ahmedabad. An incident took place which affected me deeply. I cried and attempted to suppress my emotions. This led to chest pain and lot of discomfort. I was given a dispirin and slowly felt better after half an hour. Few days later, we were playing garba raas in full energy and I went out of breath and had to rest. Though I met few doctors, I only consulted a heart specialist on returning to Akola some days later, who told me I had experienced a heart attack. I immediately had an angiography done which showed four blockages: 60% in two, 95% in one and 30% in the last.

It was then that we heard about the CAD regression camp that takes place in Abu and so we came to meet Dr Satish Gupta. The next camp for scheduled for May and I was fortunate to be assigned for the same.

It’s difficult for me to express how much I attained in those 5 days! We were literally taught how to live life. Before the camp, I was unable to walk without assistance and would go out of breath if I walked fast. Now, I walk so fast that I leave my companion behind! People tell me I don’t look like a patient at all.

During one of the evening meditations in the follow-up camp, we sat for meditation and it felt as thought I had been transported to another world, where the Supreme Surgeon, God, was cleaning my arteries… I myself am amazed at these incredible changes.

If I didn’t have a heart problem, I wouldn’t have come to this heaven-like place: Shantivan-Madhuban. This is where I have found the true path. Along with receiving spiritual knowledge, health has been restored and my life is blessed.


Ram Partap Agarwal ,65 yrs, Bahadur Garh - At the age of 61, in June 2003, I began feeling discomfort while walking and cycling. There was deep pain in the chest and left arm. After getting T.M.T. and ECO done, the doctor advised I undergo angiography which was done in Delhi .

After three months of taking medicines etc, the pain was the same. The testing, treatment and doctors’ fees had been expensive. My eldest daughter is a student of the Brahma Kumaris and she took information from the centre-incharge about the CAD regression camps that are organised in Shantivan. I consulted Dr Gupta on phone and registered myself for September 2003. Being in Shantivan for a week was very informative and inspiring.

After returning home, I resumed my job but continued to maintain the disciplined life-style taught to us. Three years later, my health has improved considerably. I haven’t been able to carry out another angiography due to financial reasons. I haven’t taken a single pill since February 2006. I can walk for 1-2 km comfortably (previously, walking short distances was a challenge). Eating meals would result in chest pain earlier but now everything is peaceful.

I have faith that any heart patient, or rather ‘Dilwala’, can be cured by attending this CAD regression programme no matter how high the blockage percentage may be. Furthermore, everyone can learn how to live a healthy life all the time.




Mrs Mahendri Singh, Muzaffarnagar - Six years back, I found out that I had seven blockages in my arteries but due to financial reasons I was unable to have a by-pass surgery. Fortunately, I was able to attend the CAD regression camp which proved to be a boon.

Compared to the past, my cholesterol level has reduced as well as angina and breathlessness. My walking capacity is on the rise and I feel healthy. I think more positively, am more fearless and have greater hope in curing myself of the disease. I experience more contentment these days.

Shantivan is an enchanting place of purity filled with God’s mercy. I have now understood that the most elevated path of life is a combination of spirituality and science. Only then can human beings be transformed into worthy individuals.

I strongly feel that your programme is extremely beneficial in not only helping heart patients but in restoring overall health to anyone and everyone. I can openly say that the CAD regression programme is novel, inexpensive and highly beneficial. Dr Gupta coordinates a therapy that combines spiritual, physical, mental and emotional aspects, which is why it is a unique Godly gift and true form of service to humanity.




Chander Paul, Chandigarh - I was suffering from hypertension since 2002, and had three main arteries blocked to 80%. I was a regular student at the Brahma Kumaris centre in Hisar and knew about the CAD Regression Programme. My wife and I attended the 5-day camp in December 2005 and continued following the disciplined routine thereafter. When I had another angiography carried out in April 2006, the report showed all three arteries had opened up!

After following the programme, my stamina has increased two-fold. Pulse rate and blood pressure are normal. Angina pain is under control. I have lost 3 kilos in weight and there is much improvement in my digestive system.

Every since I returned from Shantivan, I have maintained the practice of meditation and study of spiritual knowledge. I previously used to take everything negatively but now have learned to be positive. I was going through a state of upheaval but life has become stable.

Not only can illnesses be cured through this programme but there is the feeling of peace and power at every step. There is so much bliss here that one forgets the old world. It is important to practice meditation and imbibe spiritual knowledge so that everyone can attain what these dedicated brothers and sisters have found. I consider Shantivan, Abu Road , to be as holy a pilgrimage place as Hardwar and Vrindavan.




Ghanshyam C. Choksi, 63 yrs, Ahmedabad - I am a retired Civil Engineer. During my career I had to work very hard. By nature I was very punctual and sincere. If some task was done incorrectly, I would get upset and angry.

In January 1998, I had to travel to Delhi from Ahmedabad by road and when I returned after six days my legs were swollen. I visited a physician who took my E.C.G. and found that my heart was not functioning properly. After an echo, I was advised for angiography, which revealed multiple blocks in my coronary arteries. I was shocked by this report as I neither had chest pain nor any symptoms of breathlessness etc. Due to poor ejection fraction of 20% (pumping power of the heart) neither by-pass nor angioplasty was possible in my case making it a critical situation. My wife and children became very depressed. Two months passed in tension and the doctor's medicines were not helping any more. I left everything to God.

One day a friend insisted that I attend the ‘Healthy & Happy Living Programme for CAD Regression’ started at Global Hospital , Rajasthan. I was lucky to get permission to attend the first programme from 15th – 21st May 1998.

We were warmly received by Dr. Satish Gupta and his team. Every patient was allotted an independent well-equipped room. The treatment was given sweetly in God's remembrance. They taught us how to live a life full of peace love, joy and happiness. After attending this camp I found a new direction. I continued to follow all components of the programme strictly.

After a follow-up visit, I had my Echo test done before coming for the third follow-up visit in February 1999. It was really wonderful that the pumping power of my heart was raised to 35% from 20%! I have attended 5 camps within two years and can gradually feel the improvements. Life is colourful and beautiful again.

I underwent a repeat angiography on 17th July 2000, and was astonished that the blockages had reduced 20% and the pumping power was raised to 45%! It’s a great miracle that God has saved my life. Dr. Satish Gupta is the angel who has filled new joy in my life. He put in great efforts with God’s mighty power.




Ravinder Singh, Retd Army Officer, Manali - I have been a student of the Brahma Kumaris since 1992, and since then followed a vegetarian diet. I have never smoked and stopped drinking alcohol in 1992 as well. During a routine medical check-up, it was accidentally discovered that I had two arteries blocked: 90% and 65%. This was probably the result of excessive fatty foods, lack of routine exercise and change of life after retirement from the army in 1982. I underwent by-pass surgery in 2000.

I attended the CAD regression camp in 2004 and it has had a very good impact on my life. I’ve been able to overcome anger and irritability. Taking tea, sugar and salt in minimum quantities has been a good change too.

I feel the programme is very effective if the patient is 100% sincere in adopting it, along with the strong will-power to recover. Faith in God reminds us that He is bound to give us 100% help and relief. Rajyoga and the power of silence teach us how to create a strong connection and relationship with God, so that we use this energy to heal the body.

This camp should be publicized on a larger scale in Conferences and Seminars. Have complete faith in yourself, God and the work of this qualified, diligent and dedicated team and will you attain 100% satisfaction.




C.N. Chavda, Gandhinagar - There are certain professions like police, armed forces, journalism etc. where it is virtually impossible to lead a regular and sedate life. One has to always to be alert, on his toes and more often than not work against the clock. I retired as D.S.P. with 35 years of police service behind me. Within five months of my retirement, I started feeling breathless, run down and weak. I underwent some tests as well as an angiography on 15th April 2002. I was shocked to know that three of my arteries had blockages ranging from 60 to 90%. I was advised to go in for by-pass surgery immediately, which caused deep worry to my family and me.

It was at this juncture that someone suggested I join the CAD Programme run by Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta of Global Hospital & Research Centre. After athorough check up by Dr Gupta, I joined the week-long camp which began on 21st May 2002. Having felt improvement, I attended four more programmes over the next two years that brought marked good changes in my health.

There are a number of striking features which I appreciated: firstly, the whole programme worked with the precision of a clock. Everything we required came on time without asking.

Secondly, each person attending the camp got personal attention and was individually looked after, so much so that both patient and attendant were given food packets for the journey home!

Thirdly, the CAD programme is 100% scientific. Though I have not been able to strictly adhere to the way of life illustrated, it has definitely helped me immensely. I am feeling much better and the breathlessness and weakness have subsided. I have recommended this programme to eight or nine people who have also benefited.

In the end, I want to specially show gratitude to Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta and his team of dedicated persons who left nothing to chance and looked after everyone personally and efficiently.




Dr. Sohan Lal Sharma, Ph. D., 59 yrs, P.G.T. Teacher, Delhi - I was having heart problem since Nov. 1996. My coronary angiography done on 1st May 2000 revealed 3 blocks of 90%, 90% and 100% and I was advised urgent by-pass surgery. I joined this programme in May 2000 with my wife. At that time I was taking about 10 tablets a day and suffered from lot of anxiety and depression, along with symptoms of heart disease. After this first basic programme of seven days and a subsequent advanced programme, all my symptoms disappeared and my repeat coronary angiography (carried out on 12th November 2001) showed significant opening of two arteries that had 90% blockages. Now I use only half a disprin a day. I am symptom-free and all my family members are following this programme and feeling healthier and happier.





Dr. Durga Prasad Mishra, 61 yrs, Orissa - I was a diabetic type (II) patient, since 1992 controlled it by diet, yogasana and exercises. In September 2000, I suffered from a cold followed by spasmodic cough, little chest pain, suffocation and weakness. My doctor friend immediately advised me to have an ECG and TMT. The latter of which revealed I was a CAD patient. The Cardiologist diagnosed the disease as dislipidemia, and prescribed medicines. I went into mental depression. A year passed by and my weakness increased. I experienced shivering many times a day and fingers of the hands began to stiffen. On 1st April 2002, I underwent Angiographic Test with Echo Cardiogram which reported I had 3 blockages: 80% (LCA), and two 60% (LCX). As the blockages were at the joints, the consulting cardiologist expressed his inability to carry out Angioplasty and I was referred to another doctor for by-pass surgery.

I was unsure about having surgery and could do nothing but pray to God for proper treatment. My consulting physician Prof. Dr. D. B. Tonpe, a famous cardiologist of Orissa told me about the research at Brahma Kumaris Global Hospital, Mount Abu. I unhesitatingly contacted Brahma Kumaris Centre at Puri. Through their contact, I joined CAD Regression Program in May 2002 and sincerely followed the routine to the best of my ability at the time. I was advised by Dr. Satish Gupta to remain on leave for three months and adhere to the program strictly, but I was unable to do so. I could follow the program up to 75% and accordingly about 12% of the blockages have opened but E. F. of L.V was increased from 60 to 75%.

Joining in the program I felt the Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) regression program is an interesting workshop on ideal routine life to be maintained by not only heart patients for recovery from illness but for all especially the younger generation. It is a scientific solution for prevention of cardiac ailments Diabetics, Hypertension, Obesity etc. and other incurable diseases. Participants are properly educated the need of taking low fat high fibrous SATWIK diet, aerobic exercise (morning brisk walking after sunrise and evening stroll before sunset), regularity in taking the prescribed medicines, periodical checkup and adherence of RAJAYOGA MEDITATION from scientific point of view to remain in HEALTHY both mentally & physically.

I rectified my short comings after 2nd angiography changed my lifestyle as per advise, following till date and become able to by-pass the Bypass Surgery and leading a healthy and happy life overcoming even the most painful hazards. At present I am able to work 14-16 hours a day, walk 5-6 km, cycling 8 km etc. Diabetes is fully under control. The cost of medicine has dropped remarkably from Rs 30 to Rs 04/= per day. By the process I have experienced and wish to communicate to all the people to world that most of diseases in any form are created in mind, those can be cured successfully by applying Rajyoga Meditation properly with change of life style. I am glad to mention here that being a doctor; participated My India Healthy India Medical rally all along organized by Medical Wing of Brahma Kumaris in 2009 and had a strenuous journey of 42 days starting from Bhubaneswar to Mumbai covering five states i.e Odisha, Chhattisgarh, A.P. Karnataka and Maharashtra in health awareness programs, conveyed this message to public where in we were getting rest three to four hours round o’clock without any health problem. It is nothing but GOD is WONDER & His RAJYOGA is wonderful.

I and my family sincerely pay our heart full gratitude’s to Brahma Kumaris Organization especially to Dr. Satish Kr. Guptaji and his CAD Regression Project Team for their love, affection and sincere service.




L. Vamadevan Panicker, Pune - There have been wonderful changes in my life after attending the CAD regression programme.

For two years I had been suffering from severe joint pain and from January 2005 I experienced chest pain, fatigue and giddiness. But now I can walk easily for at least half an hour. I no longer get breathless walking long distances. A new energy and attitude towards work and life have developed. The mind is more relaxed and patient, and I’m able to control my short temper. This has improved relationships with my family too. Life has become more stable and disciplined.

I feel this programme can be beneficial to every individual as this is one of the best camps I have attended in my life.




B.K. Leela, Housewife, Mehsana - In October 2003, I began to feel discomfort in the chest. I visited two doctors and the second one prescribed medicines and recommended I go in for angiography. This report showed that I had three blockages (90%, 80% and 50%). I informed my BK teacher in Mehsana who suggested I meet Dr Satish Gupta.

He put me on the special diet, exercise and special meditation routine. In a couple of months, I began to feel much better and lost 10 kilos. I attended the CAD regression camp in May 2004, through which I began to understand clearly what heart disease entails. I understand how we can use God’s power of purity has the strength to remedy blocked arteries. I continue with this practise and experience much benefit. A recent ECHO showed everything is normal.

I would like to advise all heart patients to adopt this path as it is the best solution. Thank you God, Dr Gupta and the programme for ensuring that our hearts remain clear and healthy for all time.




Manjula Dalwadi, 58 yrs, Housewife, Mumbai - I was a hyper-sensitive heart patient for more than 5 years. My coronary angiography carried out on 4th February 2000 revealed a blockage of 99% in the right coronary artery and 100% blockage in LAD. I was hardly able to walk about 50 meters. I was advised to undergo by-pass surgery as angioplasty was not possible. I was informed at J. J. Hospital about the programme being conducted in the Global Hospital , Mount Abu . After joining the first programme and further follow-up advanced programmes, I repeated my coronary angiography on 9th October 2001, which showed that the 99% blockage had reduced markedly, to the sheer surprise of my cardiologist. It has brought a positive change not only in my life, but also in the lives of other members of my family, who have adopted many aspects of this user-friendly programme.




Mazhar Mehsari, Mumbai - On 11th March 1999, I suddenly developed chest pain. I consulted my family doctor and got T.M.T. done. After keeping me in the ICU for few days, the doctor recommended I go in for an angiography. At J.J. Hospital , Mumbai, Dr Bhosale informed me of the CAD regression camps organized by Brahma Kumaris, Abu, and said if I ever decided to attend I should let him know.

I went ahead with the angiography which revealed that I had 3 blockages: 80%, 90% and 99%. Though I wasn’t ready for surgery, my family members and friends insisted I go ahead. I have strong belief in Allah and pray 5 times a day; just before the surgery I felt God was inspiring me to contact Dr. Bhosale. He immediately made arrangements for me to come to Shantivan.

Whatever I saw at the Brahma Kumaris Complex was what Islam calls ‘Jannat’ or ‘ Paradise ’. It is such a pure environment. My mind blossomed on seeing the behaviour and personality of all those who live here. The first miracle was renouncing the notion that ‘I am a patient.’ I gave up non-vegetarian food on returning home as the pure food eaten in Shantivan left a pleasant mark on my mind.

I previously used to find it a challenge to go for work but now I’m active for about 14 hours in the day! My family is very happy with the improvements. I no longer indulge in negative thinking, anger and most of all the fear of heart-attack. I daily study spiritual knowledge, practice meditation, and visit the Brahma Kumaris centre regularly.

There is great joy in practicing soul-consciousness and detaching from the body and world to remember God. Whenever I share my experiences with doctors, none of them are prepared to believe me. Heart disease is spreading rampantly in Bharat where the majority is unable to afford surgery. So at such times, this treatment from God is a blessing. God is the Ocean and I constantly feel the showers of His mercy on me.




Rajen A. Chauhan ,46 yrs. Bhuj - I was only forty-four years of age when I had a heart attack on 20th August 2002. I found it difficult to breathe in crowded areas. Doctors advised me to go in for angiography and also hinted that I might need by-pass surgery. I was gripped by tension because I couldn’t afford so much.

I arranged some money and came to Ahmedabad for the angiography, which showed that two arteries were blocked to 80%. I was recommended to have either by-pass surgery or angioplasty within one month or else. It felt as if someone had put a revolver to my head and whispered in my ears, “Your money or your life?. The choice is yours.?

But the dame Luck seemed to be smiling upon me. I met Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta who happened to be in Ahmedabd at the time. Half of my worry evaporated instantly. Dr. Gupta invited me to attend the next CAD regression camp in Shantivan and gave me a diet chart to be followed strictly.

After attending the camp, my way of looking at things underwent a radical change. My worries disappeared. I got healthier day by day and felt I had hoodwinked death itself. I follow the diet chart, take brisk walks every morning, continue with my medicines and above all practice meditation which has changed my life. Anger and depression are matters of the past and I am no longer afraid of crowded places.

I am a living example of the efficacy of the CAD Regression Project. I wish Dr. Gupta every success in his efforts to spread the message of the Project throughout the world.




Uday Ram,65 yrs. Meerat - On 4th August 2001, I woke up early to feed my cattle and suddenly experienced unbearable pain in my chest which left me unconscious. When I regained consciousness in the evening, I found myself in the ICU. The doctors had carried out an angiocardiography and Colour Doppler test which showed I had had a heart attack. They recommended I immediately go to a Delhi hospital for further treatment.

On 28th August 2001, I had an angiography done in Delhi , which showed that LAD Med and RCA arteries were blocked 100% and 99%, respectively. The doctor recommended I undergo a by-pass surgery as soon as possible and scheduled it for the evening of 29th August.

On 29th August morning, it was announced that a doctor had come from Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu, to share how Rajyoga meditation helps cure illnesses, especially depression, stress, heart diseases etc. I attended the session and when I met Dr Satish Kr Gupta, he said, “You haven’t come to me, but the Supreme Surgeon, Supreme Soul has called you. You are very fortunate and this illness cannot remain as the Supreme Surgeon had made you belong to Him.?

As he looked at me with love and good wishes, I felt a spiritual power enter me. I immediately got discharged from the Hospital without having the surgery and started going to the Brahma Kumaris centre for the 7-day introductory course.

In May 2002, I visit Shantivan, Abu Road , to attend the CAD Regression Basic Course along with my wife. We were exposed to valuable information about diet, rest, exercise, spiritual and value education and awareness of the modern medical field. I learned that by making one’s thoughts positive, we can become healthy, wealthy and happy again.

On 29 August 2002, I had another angiography done which showed that both the coronary LAD and RCA had opened up. The doctors at Pant Hipsital, Delhi , were totally amazed at how Rajyoga was able to open blocked arteries while medical science could not!

Today, my family and I am experiencing an elevated life sustained by God’s blessings. I haven’t taken any medicines for two years. It is my hope that everyone takes the opportunity to learn meditation and experience a blissful life through the meeting of Supreme Soul and soul.




Shivaji K. Nikalje,45 yrs, Pune - In 2003, while I was walking one day I suddenly felt dizzy as though everything was going dark. I met the doctor next day who asked me to get an angiography done. The report showed I had three blockages: one was 100% blocked and the other two, 90%. My doctor recommended I have by-pass surgery immediately however I didn’t have the two lacs to pay for it.

I chanced to come by a doctor who informed me of the camp that takes place in Shantivan, Abu Road . He told me to make my decision of having the operation only after returning from Shantivan. My wife and I came to Shantivan in September 2003.

We initially had the impression that ayurvedic medicine would be prescribed. But from the first session, Dr Gupta shared very valuable information about how heart diseases develop, how a change in lifestyle is essential etc. I followed the programme diligently and still maintain it. The practice of meditation too helped me greatly in understanding myself and connecting the soul with the Divine Being.

I am absolutely fine today and can walk up to ten kilometres comfortably!




K.S. Dorekar, 74 yrs, Maharashtra - I was always a hot-tempered disciplinarian. My family and I were deeply grieved when my wife suddenly died during a by-pass surgery in April 1997. I was devastated and left alone.

In February 1998, I had a severe heart attack. An angiography carried out in Pune revealed that I had three 100% blocked arteries. The doctor advised me to undergo by-pass surgery immediately; however, I was adamant that I would rather die than go through surgery. My brother was in contact with the Brahma Kumaris centre and the BK teacher wrote me a letter of recommendation for Dr Satish Gupta. Along with few relatives, I made the trip to Shantivan.

Dr Satish Gupta talked to me for one hour, explaining significant aspects of health and life. He said, “Death will come to all of us but we shouldn’t be frightened of it..? He suggested I practice Rajyoga meditation, while taking the medicines and following the diet chart he offered. He inspired me to study spiritual knowledge offered at the Brahma Kumaris centre which I continue to do. Till date I have attended 6-7 CAD regression camps at Shantivan and taken immense benefit.

God is the Supreme Power who has taught us to consider ourselves to be souls and connect with Him. As we have to return to God one day why not break attachment to the world and bodily beings, develop pure love for everyone and remain free from tension?

I humbly request all heart patients to adopt Rajyoga in their life and be liberated from heart diseases. Be healthy, peaceful and happy by staying in God’s remembrance. God is the Supreme Surgeon who can strengthen a weak heart with love. Having recognized God I have taken a new birth.




Dr V. C. Doshi, Ahmedabad - I am a General Surgeon and have worked as Hon. Professor of Surgery at B.J. Medical College and Civil Hospital , Ahmedabad, for many years.

I had low-grade hypertension for about 15 years and minimal pericardial heaviness on moderate exertion for 3 years. My hypertension was well controlled by minimal dose of medicines. My Echocardiogram showed normal cardiac function with 60% EF. My lipid profile was near upper limit of normal range while HDL was near the lower limit.

I came to know about the CAD regression project and was advised to attend it by the local BK teacher, which I did in May 2004. In the peaceful and holy atmosphere of Shantivan I felt very comfortable and relieved of anxiety, tension and worries. The daily schedule was scientific and practical. Rajyoga Meditation at 4.00am was energizing. The explanation of CAD, its patho-physiology, consequences and prevention was greatly simplified by Dr. Gupta so that even a layman could understand and digest the principals.

While following the programme I experienced a new surge of strength and vitality. My lipid profile has improved considerably. All symptoms of pericardial discomfort and heaviness have disappeared and I lead a very comfortable life.

I request all CAD patients to follow, irrespective of the clinical status of their disease, the principles and guidelines of CAD Regression programme. I am sure they will be immensely benefited and lead a life worthy living.




Shenaz A. Babi,57 yrs, Gujarat - I attended the CAD regression camp in September 2004, with 90% blockage of the right side CA, and 70% in right renal artery. I was under constant stress and suffering from diabetes, restlessness, domestic and professional problems and a sensitive nature.

There are several good changes that I have undergone in my physical and emotional health. I no longer get angina and have developed more stamina. My personality has improved and lifestyle is simpler and more peaceful. I have learned to overcome unnecessary anxiety and take things at a normal pace.

I strongly feel the CAD Regression programme should be arranged in small camps in all states of India , and broadcast on television channels as well. It’s necessary for us to cultivate healthy habits for body and mind. Health is a gift of God and we should not neglect it. Let’s inspire more people to attend such programmes and improve their lives.




Kishori Lal, 42 yrs, Rewari - I used to be an impatient person previously and would get angry often. In 2002, I had a heart attack; the angiography showed there were 5 blockages and I would need surgery.

I had heard that the Brahma Kumaris organised CAD regression camps in Abu and so I attended the camp. It was a life-changing experience.

My cholesterol level dropped from 315 to 140 in two month’s time. My weight reduced from 68kg to 49kg. My second angiography in 13 - 04 - 2005 showed that 3 of my blockages had cleared!

Apart from the physical benefits, Rajyoga meditation has taught me how to stay free from worries and lead life with lot of enthusiasm. I feel everyone should learn this programme and transform their lives for the better.



I am leading a very peaceful and happy life

Pravin Yogi, 41 yrs, Patan, Guj - I am an Electronics engineer by profession and in those days I had moved with my family to Ahmadabad for earning my living. I found it difficult to adjust myself with the life in a big city. I left my job and started my own business. Due to financial problems I faced in my business, I started working late at night to make more money. I ate noting except my breakfast and took cup after cup of tea during rest of the day. I had become a victim of fear, worry and lethargy.

I was barely 30 years of age when I had heart problem on 13th November, 2001. On angiography one of my arteries was found 70% blocked. From then I was labeled as a heart patient. My worries multiplied. Anyone I met talked about my heart problem and possible. Heart attacks---- first, second, third and then the End! I had the fear, every second of my life, about sudden death. I had practically lost all hope of recovery.

I came back to Patan, my native place. It was on the suggestion of an elderly man who is a Brahma Kumar, I started going to Brahma Kumari centre at Patan. I felt peace of mind there and thought that God had become kind to me again. I came to know from the centre about the camps for treatment of heart disease held at Brahma Kumaris Shantivan, Abu Road. My teacher at the centre filled with my heart with courage and motivated me to attend one to these camps.

I found the atmosphere at Shantivan exactly the way my teacher had described it to me, even more so. Dr. Satish Kr. Gupta gave us information in a very simple way about reasons leading to heart trouble and their solution. All doubts and worries in my mind were over. I felt I had got a new lease of life.

Now I am leading a very peaceful and happy life. I follow all the four taught in the CAD Project camp --- low fat and high fiber diet, 45 minute brisk morning walk after sun rise and evening stroll before sunset, proper sleep and rest, Rajyoga Meditation and taking my medicines regularly.




Deen Dayal Samdhani, 65 yrs, Jaipur - In 1998, my blood pressure was 180-120 and weight, 94 kg. I would feel heaviness after walking 10-15 steps. I had the angiography test on 21st July 1998, which showed I had two blockages in LAD: 95% and 80%. Doctors at Delhi , Mumbai and Jaipur were all of opinion that I should have immediate by-pass surgery, which worried my family members and friends.

During the time we were preparing for surgery, we heard about the heart camp to be held at Global Hospital , Mount Abu . I submitted the reports and joined the first camp in December 1998. My spouse and I experienced full confidence and lot of happiness. 50% of illness was cured just by watching the natural beauty and pure environment. All the doctors and staff of this hospital, including Brahma Kumaris and Brahma Kumars, were like angels with divine power. I had only heard of heaven but now have attained it. I have learned how to win over anger, pride, laziness, jealousy and non-vegetarian food, as they deteriorate a person’s mental and physical health.

I have attended more camps at Abu and the reports are astounding every time. My B.P. stands normal and weight at 70 kg. In April 2000, I went for a repeat angiography test in Jaipur which revealed that the 95% blocked artery is functioning fully and second, 80%, has good improvement.

My family and relatives have started attending classes regularly at the Rajyoga centre. I have devoted my life to helping those who have heart problems, which gives me deep peace of mind.

I am thankful to God for His work in changing our lives in an incognito way. I promise to work with the Vishwa Vidyalaya in all its noble endeavours.




Rajni Mulchandani, Ahmedabad - I had been suffering from high B.P. for the last 15 years and used to take medicines regularly. Some years ago, I felt chest pain and after consulting various physicians, it was diagnosed as unstable angina pain. The pain was persistent which disturbed my family and me. On 22nd February 2005, an angiography was carried out which reported there was one 100% blocked artery while others had multiple blockages. We consulted three reputed doctors at various hospitals in Ahmedabad who all advised surgery, therefore we set a date.

Suddenly, divine intervention came through a family friend, who informed us of the CAD regression camp hosted at the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters. With the assistance of some BKs, I attended the camp in May 2002, accompanied by my husband. We were impressed by the methodology and Dr Gupta’s style of teaching. His slogan is to “heal thy self?. We had living examples of people who were completely cured by following the system before us. Here, patients are told through psychological testing why they are suffering and how to remove the root-cause of suffering. No other doctor does this practice.

We attended in all four programmes in the interval of 4-5 months. Every programme filled my heart with love and an earnest desire to live. The personal visits of the great Dadis of Brahma Kumaris and their preachings changed my way of living. I started visiting the Brahma Kumaris centre in Memnagar, Ahmedabad. Everything goes on normally now without angina or need for surgery. My relatives, friends and neighbors doubt whether I was ever a heart patient!

Then came time for the second angiography in August 2003. We chose a different hospital and the doctors were surprised to see that the 100% blocked artery was now 100% open, and the other multiple blockages had reduced to a great extent! “It’s is a miracle. I cannot believe when I compare the first and repeated angiography reports.?

These results are due to the blessings of God and the holy Dadis of Brahma Kumaris. Moreover I dedicate my success to Dr. Satish Gupta who took lot pains to design the programme, teach it in a very lucid manner, and attend to the patients uniformly.

I know the pain of heart patients and the agony their family members go through, which is curable now. The heart of Dr. Satish Gupta is open for all. He calls us not heart patients but ‘Dilwale’. I can spread the light through the torch given by Dr Gupta and my services are available 24 hours any day for any Dilwala.




K. H. Patel, Former High Commissioner of India to Uganda & Ambassador to Rwanda & Burundi, Ex. Director, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India) 68 yrs, Ahmedabad (Guj)I had a massive heart attack in January, 2000. Immediately, I had to go through angiography and angioplasty, involving the placement of two Stents. However, in next one month and three weeks I got another heart attack. Following this, I went through second angiography. The result showed that the LAD, where angioplasty was done, had got completely blocked. Two prominent Heart Surgeons opined that I should go through by-pass surgery. However, my Cardiology Consultant thought that medical management should be sufficient.

While accepting this view, I came in touch with Dr. Satish Gupta who was conducting his CAD program at Abu, Rajasthan. I began to follow this programme, which has resulted in my EF improving from 45% to over 60%. I have not felt any cardiac problem whatsoever during the last six-and-a-half years.

I feel confident that as long as I practice Rajyoga Meditation and the basic principles of CAD programme relating to food and exercise, I will not have any cardiac problem.




Vinod Kumar Sharma, Haryana - A year before I came into contact with the Brahma Kumaris, I led a simple life never wondering ‘who I am’ or 'where I’ve come from.’ 45 years of my life I was under the impression that life is for merry-making and pursuit of physical pleasures. Although I was a religious person, I was not really aware of God. I always thought myself to be healthy and smart.

On 24th February 2004, I meet with a massive heart attack, which changed my thinking. It was such a painful ex­perience that it sheltered all my dreams. An angiography showed that I had three blockages. It was then I made contact with Dr Satish Gupta in Mount Abu .

Dr. Satish Gupta has been my real guiding force. I attended two of the camps in 2004, wherein I learned about the cure for my heart and Rajyoga. I had lost all confidence after the attack but by adopting a healthy life-style and experimenting with Rajyoga, I have cured myself of the heart problem and regained my lost self-esteem. Today, I take a very nutritional diet, follow strict exercise and practice meditation. Life is peaceful and energetic. Even the home atmosphere has changed.

In fact I have forgotten about my heart problem. I am thankful to God for sending Dr. Satish Gupta on earth to help uplift thou­sands of heart patients like me. My remaining life is for the sake of God alone.




R.R. Surana, 68 yrs, Nasik - I experienced angina around Diwali of 1997. I immediately met a doctor who prescribed tablets like Sorbitrate etc. Taking these tablets for few months did not bear any good results so I approached a reputed Cardiologist. The angiography test in April 1998 showed that I had blockages in three main arteries: 95%; 85% and 80%. I was not prepared to undergo surgery.

Global Hospital and Research Centre had just started treating heart disease with lifestyle intervention. I joined the programme that commenced in July 1998. Dr. Guptaji is a genius; he is well-qualified and a highly dedicated person, as is his team.

Power of the soul eradicates a person’s stress that contributes to heart disease. In my opinion, meditation plays a very active role in preventing and curing heart diseases. I have attended 6-7 subsequent camps and I believe in their advice: "Better the programme adherence, more the CAD regression". Memories of these events have kept me and my family healthy and happy.

I repeated the angiography in August 2000 to find wonderful results: the 95% blockage was removed completely and the other two had lowered to 50%. This programme has given me a new life. I carry on with my activities with great satisfaction and hope. I give special thanks to the Brahma Kumaris and Dr. Satish Gupta, who’ve made my heart smile.




Mohan Prajapati, 58 yrs, Kalol (Guj) - I came to the CAD regression camp as a diabetic patient with three blockages in my arteries. My family has a history of heart patients and I began to get chest pain and breathlessness after walking short distances. My younger brother who had had a heart attack insisted I get a check-up. After several other tests (TMT, ECG) an angiography was done which revealed there were three blockages: 80%, 70% and 50%. The doctor recommended I undergo angioplasty but I returned home with medicines as I needed time to consider the matter. I didn’t want to worry my family.

Some one suggested I meet a CAD patient who was cured of six blockages through the lifestyle intervention programme. This inspired me to personally meet Dr Satish Gupta and attend the camp.

The sessions were very informative but the phenomenal changes only happened during my follow-up camp in April 2003. I started to believe in the procedure and in following the routine accurately.

Previously I had a very demanding, egoistic personality. The sessions and practice of soul-consciousness made me realise that these sanskars were not only spoiling relationships but having adverse effects on my health. By practising the guidelines given by Dr Satish Gupta I have learned to control my anger and be peaceful.

In an amazingly short period of time - one-and-a-half years – I have got rid of all medicines for diabetes and heart problems. Though I am 58 years old, I feel as young and active as a 35-year old man!

I truly believe Rajyoga meditation can not only cure heart problems but any disease, without the hassle of big expenditure. Dr Gupta taught us how to be our own doctor and made us an example for the world. It is really a Godly gift to make both body and mind pure.




Anima R Kundu, 55 yrs - Today I am overjoyed that I am able to share my life-saving experience, hoping that it may show the path of hope to many other brothers and sisters who are in pain.

Since 1996 I had been suffering from high blood pressure, hypertension and spondilytis. I was unable to bend or lift heavy things. On walking few steps I would get breathless and my spine would stiffen giving me the feeling that my body parts cannot move. In 1998, I faced my first heart attack, which started off a chain of treatments, medication and lot of rest. But how long can a middle-class person keep away from daily chores and job, not to mention sustain the increasing expenses of medications etc…

Days passed, medicines did not give much relief and doctors began insisting for an angiography. Even if the test diagnosed blockages in the heart, I was not mentally prepared for by-pass surgery. Therefore, I simply ignored the advice of angiography and decided to wait and watch. I went through four painful years of suffering. Health complaints became routine and my family turned immune to my prolonged illness.

As a member of the Brahma Kumaris’ family, I was visiting Shantivan during New Year’s Eve. Everyone was preparing to welcome the new millennium with zeal while I was waiting for death. At Abu, I was introduced to Dr Satish Gupta who intimated me about his CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) regression program. It sounded like a ray of light at the end of a long dark tunnel! I eagerly agreed to go for an angiography which reflected 90% blockage in one of the main arteries. I then attended the Camp.

Dr. Satish Gupta and his team treated us with a lot of care and empathy. Gradually my health improved and the need for heavy doses of medicines reduced. In 2002, I underwent repeat angiography which showed my blockage had visibly reduced from 90% to 40%!

Where I was not able to walk even three steps with ease, today I walk 6 kms daily without any pain. I owe my improving health and well-being to Dr. Satish Gupta and all members of his team, who with their selfless efforts of compassion and humility are treating so many people with love, care and empathy.




A. V. Meghraj, Kalwa - In November 1999, I developed chest pain while climbing the hills of Nainital, and this increased in January 2000. I collapsed one day due to a mild attack. The cardiologist took an ECG and advised me for a TMT test, which was positive. The angiography done at Bombay Hospital showed 6 blockages (99%, 90%, 90%, 70%, 70%, 50%). He insisted I go in for by-pass surgery while Jaslok Hospital advised angioplasty for three coronary arteries.

I was unable to walk even 100 metres without experiencing pain and was taking 12-15 tablets daily (worth Rs 150-200). It has been my experience that most doctors never educate the patient about the heart problem, and yet they charge Rs 600 for consulting, Rs 20,000 for the angiography and Rs 2-3 lakhs for surgery, while neither allowing the patient to consult other doctors nor suggesting alternative therapies.

A heart patient, who had benefited from treatment in Mount Abu shared his experience which motivated me to visit Abu. Dr Satish Gupta and his team educated us thoroughly and gave us expert guidance regarding our health problem. I consider myself very lucky as I learned a lot about the physiological, psychological and spiritual factors connected with the heart, as well as about Raja Yoga etc.

Now I can walk 10-12 km without any problem. I haven’t taken a single day’s leave due to chest pain or any other symptoms for the last 4 years, which is a miracle! I am able to play a number of games like volleyball, cricket, table tennis, swimming etc.

The students of my school prepared a demonstrative science project on the CAD regression programme and have won prizes at School, Ward and Zonal Levels. Medical professionals and scientists have showed interest and appreciation. Many of my friends and relatives have taken benefit from this new lifestyle and rid themselves of heart problems and illnesses like acidity, ulcers, constipation and so on. A few newspapers and magazines in English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada have published my experience as well.

This treatment should reach large numbers of heart patients who are the backbones of their families, society and country. I humbly request one and all to support and strengthen this noble cause for the benefit of Indians and all humankind.




Dr. Arun B. Vyasa, 66 yrs, Gandhinagar ( Gujarat ) - I am a physician by profession. I had M.I. in February 1988 at the age of 48 years. I was found to have triple vessel disease, with one Lima and four venous grafts. in October 2002. This first camp made me realize that though I enjoyed my profession, my troubles I got a second angiography done in 1993, which revealed that all four grafts were blocked; only LIMA was working 100%. Due to the angina experienced on physical exertion I had a third angiogram done in 2002 that showed native vessel involvement. I was advised angioplasty which doctors later refused to do because of E.F. being 40%.

I joined the CAD regression training program were due to hurry, worry, pressure of heavy work, stress and strain, type A personality, sensitive nature, lack of peace of mind and lack of adequate sleep. I understood clearly that if I wanted to get well I had to put the CAD training into practice. I needed time for my inner self.

I stopped attending to my clinic in the evening hours so that I could go to bed in time, get up at 4.00 am, do exercise, go for a morning walk, then have my bath etc. and go to Brahma Kumaris Ashram to listen to the Godly versions of knowledge. I am a totally changed person now. Not only me but the whole society is surprised at my changed self.. I have no worries, no pressure of work or time, peace of mind and ample spare time to pass on to others the message of science and the art of healthy and happy living.

At present (after four years or so) I feel perfectly okay having E.F. 55% and with no further damage to the coronary vessels. I sincerely feel it’s only by combining Silence Power (Rajyoga meditation) and Science Power (Medicnes, Diet and Exercise) that we can prevent CAD, Angina and Heart Attacks.